By jwill200 - 08/03/2016 18:02 - United States - Greenville

Today, my friend used my phone to tag some of my overweight Facebook friends in a weight-loss video, along with the comment "Here's some motivation, fatasses!" I was able to delete the post, but not before I got a bunch of angry messages. FML
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jwill200 tells us more.

I left my phone on the counter by accident when my mom called me so that's when she did it. But apparently she thought that I was cheating with her boyfriend so that's why she did it, my friends and relatives understand, but they're still hurt.

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You need some motivation to drop that friend

MikaykayUnicorn 36

As a person who is slightly overweight and cannot lose the weight due to a medical condition, I would like to tell your friend to **** themselves.


You need some motivation to drop that friend

MikaykayUnicorn 36

As a person who is slightly overweight and cannot lose the weight due to a medical condition, I would like to tell your friend to **** themselves.

Even if you could, you shouldn't have to just so assholes won't publicly shame you. Fuck that guy. With a friend like this, OP doesn't need enemies.

If they're slightly overweight, that's not a problem. If they're obese to the point of having health problems because of it, that's a problem. Also, anyone can lose weight. It might be harder with a health condition, but it's not impossible.

But its not anyone else's business how much you weight. People need to stop telling others how to live their lives and focus on themselves instead.

#35, exactly! I wonder what flaws people like that are trying to hide by pointing out what they perceive as flaws in others. Besides, beauty is not a number on the scale, it's how you carry yourself.

If your sentiment is that people should not shame others for their weight or appearance, then I wholeheartedly agree with you. But if I was to take your words at face value, I'd have to at least partially disagree. Sometimes, a line is crossed, whereafter someone's weight becomes your business whether you like it or not. If someone lets themself get to the point where they require special accommodations for their morbidly obese body, they become a burden to taxpayers, companies, public institutions, etc. I've seen 2-3 seats on public transportation taken up by one obese individual, which isn't fair to those who have to stand or wait for another ride when there are no seats left. It's most certainly my business if I have to pay higher health insurance premiums because someone has eaten themselves into poor health. And maybe it doesn't have to be my business, but if a family member has a heart attack because of health complications brought on by their excessive weight, I'm going to care enough to encourage them to diet and exercise. Obviously, I'm not talking about slightly overweight individuals here, I'm talking about the seriously obese that are causing undeniable consequences for themselves and others. The fact of the matter is, if your weight really becomes a problem for you, it may become a problem for those around you. I'm not encouraging people to loathe themselves or their bodies, but I don't want them to be in denial about their condition either.

Agree with above. I only care what you do personally when it begins to affect me, selfish, maybe. And when people are morbidly obese, they often have to live on the taxpayers dime and that's just not right. Also, it sucks about your medical condition and that's why you should never judge until you have all the facts. However, it seems medically untrue that you couldn't lose weight. You can, it'd probably just not be in a healthy or sustainable way

Uh, I'm of the opinion that if you're fat and choosing not to lose weight, you're kinda bringing shit onto yourself. I'm fat right now, but I'm losing rapidly. Why? Because I'm trying. That alone garners respect from most.

@39, 35: not all pointing out of flaws are due to insecurity. Being fat is, in nearly all cases, an unhealthy lifestyle choice. In adults with no kids, I don't care. But if you've got kids and you're setting a shitty example and exposing them to health issues as a result, you're going to hear it from me. After all, it's no longer just your life you're responsible for. Teach your kids to be healthy, and if they don't like it they can throw that shit away and be fat when they're old enough to decide for themselves. The fat acceptance movement completely ignores children who are made healthy involuntarily so you can have your SAFE spaces. That concludes this public service announcement.

yeah..I have thryroid disease and people just think I eat twinkies all damn day..smh

You know what also causes health problems in the long run? Being skinnyfat with no cardio fitness. For all I've seen people talk about obesity being a burden on taxpayers for medical expenses, I've never seen anyone mention avoidably unhealthy skinny people - or people who deliberately run a higher risk of accidents that require care like, say, motorcycle drivers. It's hard to believe that's really what this is about.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#64, I feel your pain. Enlarged hyperactive thyroid here. And to the people who said I'm choosing not to lose weight, (and to the one asshat who called me fat, thank you for that, you prick) that is simply not true. I've tried every diet. I exercise daily. I eat healthy. I do everything I can and I cannot lose weight. My thyroid makes my metabolism very, very slow. So everything I eat just puts more pounds on. If I could do an exercise and go on a diet and lose weight I would. But I can't. So thank you for telling me that I just don't want to lose weight. Because you obviously know everything about my life from one FML comment, right?

65 is spot on. I hate when people try to justify their hatred for fat people by saying it's about health and taxpayer's money. There are so many thin people that are not at all fit or healthy and cause the same cost increases in all those things everyone talks about, but they're never complained about. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but you can express yours without the incredibly transparent justification.

Awe, sweety. That is just something fat people say.

And this kind of thing is why nobody is permitted to use my phone, no matter how close I am to them.

Or if they must, I pull up the call screen and dial the number for them. Just to be safe.

Y'all got trust issues...

doesn't everyone have trust issues once in a while?

I had a roommate who would steal my phone in the middle of the night and go through all my personal data. Sometimes there are good reasons to have trust issues...

#37 Passcode...

Mine either, my friend was driving this kid home to church camp, and he had his phone in the cup holder. The kid just took his phone without asking and went through all his texts.

I'm not really sure they're not a great friend if they say that about someone else at all, much less on your phone

Try explains the situation maybe? Although obesity is a sensitive subject, this situation doesn't seem that hard to fix

that's ****** on so many levels.. some friend

football98_fml 20

Ain't nothing wrong with being fat

There's actually a couple of health related problems that come with being fat, or extremely skinny. However, this doesn't excuse anyone to bully, belittle, or insult anybody.

football98_fml 20

Yes you're right, but what I meant is if someone is fat it does not make them ugly.

Exactly! How attractive a person looks is determined by a lot of things, most notably the person who is looking. A lot of fat(ter) people look radiant and full of life, which in itself is a beautiful thing.

Let's not forget there are people who are actually into a bit of fat

There are also people who prefer people that are well above the 'healthy' BMI range. There's entire sites and clubs dedicated to helping people with that preference meet larger people to satisfy their desire. If it exists, there are people into it. If it doesn't exist, there are still probably people into it. Welcome to humanity.

I'm actually offended for them you don't call someone out based on something YOU see as an imperfection. f THEIR lives. That was extremely rude.

you do realize that the fml clearly stated that their friend got on their phone not them right?

Uncalled for :/.

You deserved it.. Next time don't trust people with your phone!

You're saying that OP deserves to take blame for something that they weren't responsible for?