Toxic masculinity

By Bishop - 06/06/2012 14:19

Today, a man on the bus questioned my sexuality for being a male nurse. I asked him what he did and he said he worked in a garage. When I pointed out that I work with sexy nurses all day and he works with sweaty guys, he punched me in the stomach. FML
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I'm thinking that even though you got punched in the stomach that is still a "win" on your half.

I work in a car shop and I would love to work as a nurse now that you put it that way haha


Wow, this is such an honor... I've never had the first comment...

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You edited it and that was the best you could do?

I'm thinking that even though you got punched in the stomach that is still a "win" on your half.

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Pretty much... a punch in the stomach means "I'm too stupid to handle witty people like you in a mature way, so I'm just going to act like a turd and pretend I'm better than you."

Yea good for you man, he's a dip shit and you owned him with a great point. Sounds like he might be the one who's gay after all lol

34 I agree completely. OP wins even though he got punched in the stomach. Just because his job title is nurse doesn't mean he's gay. He could be on his way towards becoming a doctor. Now on the other hand if OP worked at chip n dales and his stage name was "sparkles" that's a whole different story. The moral of the story: DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS ON THE BUS!

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And you have 'hot nurse' to treat the pain :)

Even though it probably doesn't seem like it, you won! Enjoy sweet, but very painful victory

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Definitely a win but on the other hand i would question ur sexuality again just because if someone punched me i would punch him back and im willing to bet u didnt

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Well they always say the truth hurts just never who it hurts

I would never question a guys sexuality if they are a male nurse..some of the stuff they see are horrible one of my friends is a male nurse and he's had to treat a guy who had a screw driver jammed into his eyeball...from what he told me it was sick as hell.

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I don't know if I should push your life sucks or not... Because it really doesn't, I mean minus the fact that he got punched, working as a nurse is a productive occupation and as he said he works with pretty ladies. But he most definitely doesn't deserve it... I'm stumped OP. I'm sorry the guy was a jerk but hey have fun at work

Higher paying job with hot nurses? He's just mad.

90- male dancers get to dance with half naked girls all the time. That's how we lure them in...

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You definitely won that one. Maybe you should ask a co-worker to kiss it better? Haha

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One: you can comment on comments. So why did you comment on the original post page and not on 83 post? .. And two: that picture had been circulated over the Internet for over a year, or more... If this is you first time seeing it you have no life.

I feel like if it's his first time seeing it, he isn't on the computer much and he has a life...just a thought

Actually if it's their first time seeing it. That means they have a life and have better things to do then look through stupid pictures.

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Or maybe he's happy being a nurse?!! Not every nurse wants to be a doctor!!!

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Just be happy he didn't have a weapon on him.

What if his hands were registered weapons lol.

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123 - That's nice that you like burritos, but I'm not sure why you felt the need to randomly share this with people on an FML...

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#3 why would anyone be happy that an angry person was not carrying a weapon? How ridiculous.

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ugh.. 138, because an angry person with a weapon may use said weapon... duh. I can't believe you really couldn't think that puzzler through.

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Well OP thats how you know you've won

I work in a car shop and I would love to work as a nurse now that you put it that way haha

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Lol all of a sudden nursing sounds really good rite now

I bet OP makes way more money than the guy who hit him.

I know what I'm going to be when I get out of college! ....that's right! A garage guy!

72 I bet neither of them make that much...they both take the bus lol.

Dream big. You can be a Brazilian waxer for the Playboy mansion.

Ur coworkers are nice but u can't swear at the patients like u can a car and u still have to change grandmas diaper

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My new goal: work part time as a nurse, part time as a garage guy.

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I'm a nurse. But in the military so my pay is lower. It's still 30K a year, but you can work your way up. My civilian friends get 45k. Nursing is a rewarding field, it's not all wiping asses. When you put it that way, you really demean my job.

You can just "nurse" it back to health! No? Ok I'll just go drink bleach now

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Please don't. That doesn't sound too healthy.

Idk its hard to tell with some people lol.

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35- I know. I was kidding as well.

Ah, the old 'I'm getting thumbed down so I'm going to say I was joking' trick :)

51- Yeah, especially after not saying anything remotely funny, too.

You were kidding that he shouldn't drink bleach? That's just evil!

Okay guys, chill out. It was a bad joke. Lets move on...

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one time i needed to bleach my shirt and i puked because of the smell... :/

All I can think of is Jacksfilms saying "I'm going to go home now, to chug some bleach." I'm obsessed.


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@103 - I thought Bronies were male. Should she be called a "Branie", "Gronie", "Femoronie"????

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108 - Bronies can be both male and female. However, females can also be called pegasisters, but I think most prefer Brony.

(130) dude a brony is a BRO who likes My Little Pony, therefore a guy.

By Barnabus Stinson's definition in the Bro Code, a girl can be a bro.

Yet another thread taken over by ponies...its amazing how the internet works sometimes XD

I think I'm the only one catching the reference here, but I think he should. Bleach is made of water and we are made of water therefore we are bleach, how bad could it be.


97 - Your comment has the same amount of upvotes as his (88) had downvotes

Sounds a lot like being a male cheerleader. You get to look up girls skirts all practice, just hope they are cute cheerleaders. I've seen some pretty big gross looking female nurses that might as well work at garages.

The fact that you judge women's abilities within work enviornments based upon their appearance says a lot about your intelligence.

Needafarm I would honestly feel sorry for any woman who had to ever work with you.

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Adding to 24's comment... It's not good things that it says about your character, either.

Those "gross looking" female nurses assist in keeping you alive and healthy. Looks only go so far, but the abilities that nurses have are astounding -- their work takes so much heart, practice and dedication -- think about that before you judge a book by its cover.

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I bet he thought you were a sexy nurse...or maybe he's just jealous. :)

Going off topic and at the risk of jacking your thread, thank you for liking good music. Back on topic, I've got one thing to say. Win.

He thought you were a pussy he could abuse and he was right. Get back at him karma-style with a touch of religious creepiness. Maybe he has children or loved ones? Be creative.

He thought you were a pussy he could abuse and he was right. Get back at him karma-style with a touch of religious creepiness. Maybe he has children or loved ones? Be creative.

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I love how when women get jobs that were considered masculine (like doctors) it's okay because they are "upgrading" but when a man gets a job that is stereotypically feminine that's bad because what self respecting man would want to work a girly job, amirite?

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I'd actually prefer a male nurse over a woman. Nothing against you gals but I swear when I give blood they stab and stab and stab. The males get it first try everytime.

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Amusingly enough, Nurses and Teachers (and other jobs, I'm sure) were male jobs until WWI and WWII where men were mostly occupied with killing and dying in the wars. Women joined the workforce en-mass to fill in.

Women actually had a firm grasp on the teaching field before WWI. They usually couldn't teach once they were married depending on the area, but female teachers were by no means "rare" (just look at frontier schools), nor was teaching considered a masculine or feminine position.

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They also had a firm grasp on nursing. Look at paintings of operating rooms in the 1800s, it's male doctors with a bunch of female nurses.

Last time I had a male nurse, he stuck me with the needle three times, moved the needle around in my skin and still couldn't do it right.... So that's not always true.

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Who cares what some loser on the bus thinks about your sexuality. You know you like girls. And, even if you didn't you still should be proud of who you are.

14: That's easy to say, but tougher to do. When you're a man in our culture, you're measured against archetypical "maleness"; you're expected to be strong, independent, brave, and heterosexual. God help ye if you don't measure up. Calling a man "gay" or "pussy" is at least as socially damaging as is calling a woman "****" or "*****"--in both cases, it accuses that person of failing at their gender.

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You only have one life to live. When you are on your deathbed the LAST thing you will be thinking about is what someone else thought of you. But, if you live your life for someone else that will plague you in your deathbed. You will be filled with regrets. The question is not whether someone else thinks you’re “gay” or a “pussy”. The question is whether you think who you are and what you are is ok with you. And, another thing…I never understood why people especially “alpha males” use “pussy as an insult. You can usually bring one of those idiots down with the mere thought of pussy. It’s quite silly when you think about it.

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Yes, but sometimes you have to live outside the box society wedges you into in order to really understand how insanely stupid some of these societal labels are.