By CzechMeOut - United Kingdom
Today, while visiting family in the Czech Republic, I was told on two separate occasions that I looked like a Czech TV star. Flattered, I asked what the TV show was called. Turns out there's a Czech version of 'Ugly Betty'. FML
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By  exit_arsenic  |  0

hey, ugly betty isn't really ugly. you put a unibrow on anyone and they'll be frightening. don't take it personally. and who knows? maybe she'd already done the i-need-to-get-a-makeover-so-that-i-fit-in-at-my-new-job thing.
you still look like a tv star either way. grats :P

By  nefertari_fml  |  2

Erm, guys.. "Czech version of Ugly Betty".. which means that someone else is starring in it, not America Ferrera.. but yeah, the girl is also quite pretty without the "ugly" make-up and styling


Yes, but they were saying that if the actress who played the "ugly girl" on the American version was actually good looking, the actress on the Czech version might actually be good looking too.

  shmollycoco  |  0

I think people are really just trying to point out that it's possible that the person they're comparing the OP to actually isn't ugly. Since A.F. isn't ugly in real life, perhaps the actress in the Czech Republic isn't ugly either, and therefore the statement isn't an "FML."

Learn to think?

By  HotSauce_fml  |  0

Why dont you stop crying and look up what Czech Republics ugly Betty looks like. watch from 3:21, shes pretty darn hot.
You should be happy to be compared to her.