By Anonymous - Singapore
Today, my grandfather was counting all the grandchildren he had and saying how fortunate he was to have all of us. When I pointed out that he'd forgotten to count me, he turned and said "You're adopted, you don't count as a real grandchild" FML
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By  Stacia  |  0

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he's a douchebag even though you're adopted he shouldn't have told you.... and he's your grandfather because your adoptive fathers think of you as their daughter.... he's a moron FHL

  snowflake19  |  0

Well funeral wouldn't do anything to him, but hey, if there's ever an event that your family is making you go to that you don't want to and he is supposed to be there, now you have an excuse not to go.

  Knight05  |  0

I agree adopted kids shouldn't have equal rights as other children. I think theyre are just there to do the chores of the normal children and maybe throw in some incest, rape, molestation or all of the above. Definetly feel free to beat up on them too, so they can cry about being adopted later in life and fail.

  sccrgurl4  |  0

what the fuck is your problem you douch bag?!?!?! adopted children are just as equal as any other child. the only reason that they had to be adopted was because of horrible people like you who wind up getting someone pregnet and then leaving that baby on the doorstep of an orphanage! ur a dick! go to hell!

  coniconi  |  0

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By  Rakayum  |  0

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  Herbal_fml  |  0

Of course the OP does!!

The people who raise you are your parents.

If the grandfather was trying to figure out the chances of his grandchildren getting a genetic disease and saying that the adopted one didn't count, it would make more sense.

But to exclude them as part of the family is absolutely horrible. The OP is as much a grandchild of that man as the rest of the children.

  K1ll_M3_N0w  |  0

Your parents would probably be the wolves, but how ouwl di know, I wasn't raised by wolves. But, I'm assuming you weren't either, as the way you speak implies you wern't raised in acave or in te woods, but rather in a barn.

  cxal_fml  |  0

Its possible he was counting descendents and the OP initially overlooked that fact. Ie thinking "grandchildren" instead of "Descendents of his children."

  RavishMe77  |  0

AGREED! You don't need to give him the same respect as you would if he were *actually* your grandfather. I'm really sorry, OP, that must have been absolutely horrid for you.

  lunargh  |  7

I completely agree. If he's going to be that unkind to you, he doesn't deserve your respect. Also, grass him up to your parents - that'll cause him some well-deserved hassle.

  scorpio95  |  0

OH YEAH! When we're pissed off, we take revenge by calling people by thier first name!!!! What a great plan! Whats next? Put a  next to him and eat it !!???!!

  kyliebear  |  15

Well if op mentioned that in the FML, it would give it away. And if OP wasn't to call him her grandfather in the FML, what would OP call him? It would just be weird to say his first name: