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Today, I was upstairs with my wife when I heard my cat scream from the porch downstairs. I ran down to find her "puffed up" and growling on the floor, and a corner of the screen next to the door busted out. I still have no idea what caused it and my wife is now afraid to go to sleep. FML
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This is how all the horror movies start!


thatonetribute 31

This is how all the horror movies start!

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The conjuring starts with a dog being killed

Time to invest in some better security to. Is anything stolen?

Why are the good positive comments always thumbed down like this one? Then the dumb ones are thumbed up.

#10 its because it was the corner of the screen...meaning an one got in so #2 comment is unfounded and makes absolutely no sense...that's why

Corner of the screen... Next to the door.. supposing someone could reach their hands around to the locks. If OP was certain it was an animal his name probably wouldn't be time to buy a gun.

But the screen was busted 'out' meaning something left his house via the screen corner...

I don't think a gun is going to solve your problem this time. XD

The question is how big is the hole in the busted sized? Cougar sized? Burglar sized?

Op said it was in the corner so I'm assuming probably a small or medium rodent

I highly doubt a cat would react that way to a rodent...Cats don't puff up and growl over things they can easily hunt.

Whatever you do, don't go outside by yourself without a flashlight to find it. ESPECIALLY don't go near a lake.