By thegrandchawhee - United States - Yakima
Today, I was scheduled to fill in at the customer service counter where I work. Today was also the day that I allegedly accused a customer of being a thief, sold her a fraudulent money order, and will be sued for defamation of character. FML
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  IAmzephyr  |  22

the plaintiff has the burden of proof, and if they are unable to prove their case, they will lose, being stuck with the court costs. is It perfect? no, but at least it's fair.

  niallo  |  23

How about this. If she's suing you anywhere other than small claims court, you sue her first. She is defaming you too, and it will only cost a small amount of money. You will then have a judgment against her that will carry over to her case. If she IS taking you to small claims court, then let her pay the fees.
Just a thought.

  joshsegel  |  4

Defamation of character is normally for someone ruining someone's reputation referring to business, which could affect the amount of money they make, which I can see as being bullshit in some cases like this but it isn't always.