Wait til she finds out about seatbelts!

By Anonymous - 11/09/2021 05:00 - Canada

Today, I hate the government for starting talking about vaccine passports and mandating the Covid-19 vaccine, because I almost had my wife convinced to go get it, and now she's all, "I'm not doing something they are telling me I have to do. I'm not a sheep." FML
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She's an idiot! We're trying to achieve "herd immunity" and sheep are in flocks. Hah!

When smallpox was a problem. Next question?


disclaimer: i am fully vaccinated, my family is, i believe everyone that can should get the vaccine. that being said, what i think gets ignored to much is that for all the conspiracy crap some are spouting people normally don't wake up one day and think to themselves "guess i'll just start to believe in lizard people running the world now cause that makes so much sense". people that end up with this "the government lies anyways so i rather trust some online guru" feeling get there gradually, and nearly allways through something that is a lot less crazy. so every time the government flip flops on their reccomendations or tries to force peoples hand these people feel validated driving them even further down the rabbit hole. now i can't speak for canada but just to give a german perspective, standpoints of polititians from beginning to now. -we have everything under control -vaccinated people won't get priviliges over unvaccinated people-> we will mostly restrict unvaccinated people, that is just giving back basic rights to the vaccinated so totally different from priviliges. -masks are unnecessary -> cloth masks are totally enough->you absolutely need medical masks-> ffp2 certified masks or bust. no lockdown necessary->no second lockdown necessary-> we will close absolutely everything for a week including essantials but that is no lockdown->no third lockdown->if we do another lockdown than only for the unvaccinated. we won't restrict private meetups->only 1 family+1 other person may meet at any time. no curfew-> except if there are more than 100 cases per 100.000 (which at that point meant in 99% of the country), than we'll have a curfew at 10 p.m. vaccinated people will be treated the same as tested people, tests are free and will stay free->tests aren't free anymore starting next month and yea, we may also make it so that being tested isn't enough anymore, just a heads up. theres a lot more stuff but the text is long enough and should give a general idea. now lets be real. imagine you allready distrust the government, than you get sent this list, and THAN they start start talking about even more restrictions, or you get told the story how some politician used private connections to secure mask deals where either they or direct family where involved for monetary gain. suddenly the guy telling you "they" want to microchip you doesn't sound so crazy anymore. after all he screamed about being treated worse if unvaccinated the day "they" promised that will never happen and he also saw our neighboring countries go into lockdown, said "next that will be us" while our politicians swore up and down that will never happen and than it happened not 2 weeks later. all this to say, people that think "bill gates will chip them and the government does this to cull the population" are off the deep end. but if your country handled this anything close to mine than i can confidently say that they worked very hard to push at least some people into the actual rabbit hole that they went down, and i think keeping this in mind should be highly recommendet going into the future.

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Please keep your comments to a paragraph in total I just skimmed right past this blurb

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And you DONT think it’s sketchy? When have they ever pushed a vaccine so hard?

see thats the fun part, i do think it's sketchy, just doesn't mean they try to cull the population or microchip us all. these guys want exactly 1 thing. to get reelected so they keep getting tons of money and benefits for not even showing up to work half the time. to that end they will time and time again tell what is most convenient at that moment, which at this point is "unvaccinated people are the problem and if we all were vaccinated everything would be fine" because people that 100% will never get the vaccine at this point wouldn't vote for them anyways. politicians tell you what you want to hear to get ahead in life, big shocker. this does not however prove that the snake oil salesman that recommends you horse devormer instead of the vaccine is any more open with you. the sad reality is that politicians can lie left and right and still be correct when they tell you to get vaccinated, it just so happened that for once "what most people want to hear"/"whats honestly best for us" managed to align.

When smallpox was a problem. Next question?

Actually, they didn't need to push the polio vaccine. People were thrilled to have it. That was back in the day when people saw themselves as part of a community and it wasn't so easy to spread lies.

She's an idiot! We're trying to achieve "herd immunity" and sheep are in flocks. Hah!

lol at this point we have already achieved herd immunity. everyone had either already had covid or had the vaccine. .. but you can still get covid even with the "vaccine" so it doesn't really make sense to get it In the first place.

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You can get covid more than once.. If we had herd immunity, then why are so many still getting sick?

And this is why we have the fourth wave...

I refuse to get it. I don't trust it. they've already been caught lying about so much about this pandemic. they've already said they don't have the legal right to mandate it. and yet here we are. mandating a vaccine that doesn't make you immune anyway

Because of people like you and that other dumbass, we're never going to get out of this pandemic. Oh and since "they" have lied about one thing, what makes you think that "they" aren't lying about the legality? Because it suits you better I guess. Jeez Louise, even George Washington mandated vaccines for the military, so one of our founding fathers was wrong? How unamerican of you!

actually no vaccine makes you immune technically but what it does is gives your body an ample supply of antibodies so when it does come in contact with the microorganism it immediately identifies it targets it and takes it out before it has a chance to multiply set into the body and start ******* with it.

You didn't get high marks in Biology in school, did you?

If it weren't for people like her, we wouldn't need mandates

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This wouldn’t have happened if people like her just got their ******* vaccine

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at least she's got some brains. Someone should have some common sense in your relationship. if you got 3 rabies jabs and still got rabies, wouldn't you be asking some questions? And, yes, if the government pushes something this hard on the people, it's definitely not good. Your government doesn't care about you, it wants you dead