By Real Life Sucks - 26/05/2015 16:50 - United States

Today, it's been exactly 2 years since I graduated college. I make less money in my full-time job now than I did working part-time in college. FML
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Taking a pay cut is common when you're breaking into a new industry- you'll be rolling in cash if you stick to your career path!


That's probably what put OP there in the first place. Follow your heart!

Time to start a new job search.. Out of curiosity, what did you major in?

Weird 17, I was thinking the same thing about your comment.

CMMartin22 9

it's funny (somewhat ironic) how 17 says something about disliking 5s comment and ends up getting more dislikes than 5

Gotta teach him a lesson about being a dick.

praesidiem 16

This is actually a common trend I've noticed on FML, and it's pretty funny. There's certain unspoken rules that you just don't cross, or else.

#17. you're a douchecanoe. Eat a bag of dicks.

Don't worry, I'm sure a good offer will come by soon. Don't lose hope op.

The horrors that real life can bring. Keep looking for better work. It's out there!

This happens way more than you may think. Just put in as much effort as you did in college and you'll find the right job

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Go work parttime again, then! And look for a new job in the mean time

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You don't know what "full-time" means, do you?

Depending on your major you can make bank or have a horrible time finding a decent paying job.

Also if you're personality doesn't fit the degree you have, you're chances are significantly lowered