Bugging out

By Jordan - 02/04/2015 19:58 - Jordan - Amman

Today, I wore a new shirt, but forgot to remove the price tag. It was kind of windy outside, so when I got outside, the tag hit me on the neck, I thought it was a giant insect attacking my neck. I started screaming like a little girl. I'm a 30 year-old guy. FML
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I'd do the exact same thing, but then again I'm a 14 year old girl.

I am sure we all would have done the same, you're not alone OP!


I'd do the exact same thing, but then again I'm a 14 year old girl.

I'm a fourteen year old girl too! *highfive*

nityasomaiya 46

I went through a similar situation, only it was quite the opposite. I felt something ticklish on my neck, and brushed it thinking they were my hair. A while later I felt the same deeper into my shirt. It turned out to be a spider. I turned the building upside down with my screams.

ExtremeEncounter 32

One time I scratched my head and felt a small ball in my hair. I took it out and held it thinking it was a pebble. Then it starting to open up into legs and wiggle. Terrifying.

Once I was on the toilet and could hear some noise coming from the beam above, I just thought it was my cat as she loves climbing them, I looked up and turns out it was a snake. I lost 10 years off my life that day.

I'm almost 15 and I'd probably do that xD


One time there was a snake outside my house and my cat beat the shit out of it while I ran around my front yard screaming.

That's understandable. Being a Canadian, I can only imagine the massive creepy crawlies in Jordan.

I am sure we all would have done the same, you're not alone OP!

I tend to do it when a rogue hair falls onto the back of my neck.

Dreamsorrow93 24

Sometimes I find spiky balls and put them in people's shirt collars. I'm sure your screams sounded similar.

"I'm sure your screams sound similar" wow

Calm down satan

Well, you're kind of s jerk, huh?

sounds like fun, record their reactions you could be you tube famous

Happens to the best of us OP...You're Only human


Hi sir could you please turn in your man card? Thanks

Oh please. You would've done the same exact thing.

I wouldn't have. They are just insects or in this case a price tag.

Now #22, if I turned around and saw you, I'd scream like a little girl

Know them feels. 27 and still can't handle bugs even when they're not really bugs...

Must have been anTAGonising !

Price tags can be scary but it's usually the price that gets me not the tag attaging me.

I wouldn't blame you, they feel like tiny cacti.