By sharibaby - / Tuesday 30 April 2013 21:26 / United States - Colorado Springs
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By  NickaPLZ  |  26

Congrats on your wedding.

By  NickaPLZ  |  26

Congrats on your wedding.

By  spaboolly  |  26

That is unfortunate, but remember it is your wedding day. It is meant to be the beginning of a lifetime shared with your partner. Honestly, who really cares if not everything is exactly perfect?

  nicolemadden  |  11

Well it is supposed to be the most beautiful day of their lifes, so I guess it was very important in her eyes that everything is perfect.
And who would love to have an irritated skin the D day ? Hiding away from pictures won't make it right as she wants to remember her wedding :D.

  AngelSpit  |  18

My husband got escorted up the aisle by my father in law and my boss flanking him holding baseball bats in case he tried to run. I almost peed myself laughing

  M3DIC4T3  |  29

I personally have never had this problem, but my boyfriend does. I know this is disgustingly weird but what he used to do was "open" the sore (tearing it open or whatever) and then he'd put alcohol in it, and one of those many creams (for sores) on it, and the next day it would look so much better, and then it would fade completely away in 5 days or so... I don't know if that's what you're supposed to do because I personally don't have those and so I've never done it, but it seems to work for him :) Congratulations on the wedding OP!

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