By sharibaby - 30/04/2013 21:26 - United States - Colorado Springs

Today, it's my wedding day. I have a cold sore that makes me look like The Joker. Make-up won't cover it and the emergency medicine my doctor gave me only irritates it more. My future husband asks, "Why so serious?" and laughs whenever he sees me. Fantastic. FML
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Ask him if he wants to see a magic trick.

NickaPLZ 26


Ask him if he wants to see a magic trick.

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So...wanna tell us how you got those scars?

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From someone else with herpies.

She said its a cold sore... She got it from a cold

58- Did you really just say that? Have you never taken Sex Ed?

am I the only one that would reschedule the wedding so I didn't have to kiss her after the vows and get herpes 2?

NickaPLZ 26

Your future husband sounds like a stand up guy. I'd just have told you you look like sh*t. You lucky girl.

UnluckyGenius 21

It must have been a chaotic wedding.

What a coincidence! Hey coincidence is joincidence with a c!

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Friends references always make me mad that I can't thumb something up twice.

Hopefully the Batman theme song didn't play at your wedding...

That is unfortunate, but remember it is your wedding day. It is meant to be the beginning of a lifetime shared with your partner. Honestly, who really cares if not everything is exactly perfect?

Well it is supposed to be the most beautiful day of their lifes, so I guess it was very important in her eyes that everything is perfect. And who would love to have an irritated skin the D day ? Hiding away from pictures won't make it right as she wants to remember her wedding :D.

yeah, who wants irritated skin on 06/06/1944?!

I think it's cool that the husband doesn't take this too seriously. I have a feeling your marriage will be a lot of fun

My husband got escorted up the aisle by my father in law and my boss flanking him holding baseball bats in case he tried to run. I almost peed myself laughing

Hopefully the photographer uses some good editing software. If they are they can make it disappear.

The fact that he is trying to make you feel better and doesn't really seem to make a big deal out of ut is proof to me that you married the right guy. Congrats OP :)

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"Let's put a smile on that face."

Use a liquid band-aid to seal it, THEN use concealer on top of that, but under your foundation.

I personally have never had this problem, but my boyfriend does. I know this is disgustingly weird but what he used to do was "open" the sore (tearing it open or whatever) and then he'd put alcohol in it, and one of those many creams (for sores) on it, and the next day it would look so much better, and then it would fade completely away in 5 days or so... I don't know if that's what you're supposed to do because I personally don't have those and so I've never done it, but it seems to work for him :) Congratulations on the wedding OP!

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Try windex, from my Big Fat Greek Wedding movie!

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39, you will soon enough...