By Anonymous - 06/01/2013 21:35 - Sweden - Staffanstorp

Today, at the reading of my mother's last will and testament, I found out that despite having cared for her for the final years of her life, she denied me an inheritance. She basically said I'm an embarrassment, because when she wrote it, I was 31 years old, with no wife or children. FML
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What a bitch. She's your mother, she should love and support you anyway. I'm sorry OP. :(

pjmommy 9

that's a bad last memory to have of your mother. don't hold on to it op it'll only make you feel bad


What a bitch. She's your mother, she should love and support you anyway. I'm sorry OP. :(

I don't understand why people feel they are owed everything their parents had because they passed away! Be and adult and earn your own things!

You complete missed the point of this FML #20; the point is that OP's mother thought he was an embarrassment even though he cared for her to her dying breath.

It's like my mother. She takes care her mom but her mom won't leave her anything. She even did a reverse mortgage on her house. She disrespects her for spending so much time caring for her instead of getting a job and working like she did. Grandma worked maybe a year of her life. On the other hand she loves me and I won't go and see her because she is a bitch to my mom.

I believe that what op was trying to say was that although having cared for his mother she did not feel very affectionate toward him by calling him an embarrassment just because at 31 he wasn't ready for a commitment.

~Hey guys! Agree with me that my life sucks too! I claim this FML to now be mine regarding some situation my blinding self absorption got me into!~

#41 No one has to ask someone something for them to speak, but if we must follow the idiotic "Don't speak unless spoken to" logic, who asked you? I don't think anyone did so don't use that "No one asked you" shit.

That's OK Mrsassypants. I think 41 is still impressed with seeing his football uniform on the Internet. And OP, I hope my anecdote about my mom caring for her elderly parent helps you realize you are not alone, it can be very trying. I hope it at least helps as much as "who asked you." as philosophically deep as that is.

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That's really ****** up. I'm really sorry for you!

Well inheritance is not important when your mother is in a better place right?

I'm not sure those things relate in any way in this situation. OP was simply surprised and dissapointed as to what her mother thought. Not to be harsh but, the mother seemed pretty ignorant as to what mattered in life, and didn't bother to help him at all with his future after she died.

For all we know she could be in a worse place. You don't know the life she lived.

Or depending on your beliefs, she may have undergone reincarnation and may have lived and ultimately neutral life so is in or is going to be in an exactly the same place. Or she could always become an untouchable for not standing by her family enough.

Or she could be in Valhalla. Did she die nobly in battle, OP? ... too soon?

Being in a better place doesn't pay OP's groceries. Perhaps he has it financially rough because he took time to care for her. Besides being an "embarassment" for not having kids at the time the will was made doesn't seem like a reason to deny inheritance. I'am sorry for your loss, but you got screwed over.

Hopefully one of your siblings or relatives will understand and help you out.

Doubtful. Seeing how the mother was, one can only imagine how caring the rest of her offspring are.

34- OP is one of her off springs, y'know?

You're totally forgetting about the on springs, 39! They matter too! ;)

Steel_BZ 8

You shouldn't be greedy like that. It was her wishes.

Maybe the mother shouldn't be ungrateful and judgmental of her son just because he wasn't married at that time. I understand respecting the dead and all, but come on.

Greedy for assuming something that should be a given from a family member who you cared for? It's not like Op sent her to an old people's home, she took care of her mother.

His* boy I'm tired. And scratch it about being a "given", I mean to say he simply expected it.

So I suppose you expect to be left nothing when your parents pass away?

generalasskicker 12

I would be furious withst horrid judge mental bitch

RedPillSucks 31

The new appointment to the supreme court?

I cut out the middle man and just read it as judge Judy.

pjmommy 9

that's a bad last memory to have of your mother. don't hold on to it op it'll only make you feel bad

Atleast she didn't make you an E-harmony account! Slightly helpful but still adding insult to injury..

Don't be embarassed OP, we still love you! Hopefully it was just old age getting to her? Still sucks though.

laya_fml 26

She seems like a bitch. And you're her son. So I guess that would make you a son of a bitch.