By jackelking - 25/05/2009 08:33 - United States

Today, I was at my friends' farm and we decided that we wanted to go to their old treehouse. When we got down there, it turned out my friend Cat had forgotten her shoes. Being a gentleman, I lent her my sandals. I then climbed the treehouse, fell out, and got a nail through my foot. FML
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The sandal wouldn't have stopped the nail, anyway.

At least you were a gentleman(:


OW! that sucks sorry dude

she'd better give u head lol that suck though

flip flops wouldn't help anyways, the nail would go through them

At least he was being a gentleman.

I wonder if he had to get shots...

At least you were a gentleman(:

I hope you got laid. Cat's your sister, right?

^ AHAHAHA OMG I needed tha laugh X'D

The sandal wouldn't have stopped the nail, anyway.

Just what I was thinking.

Well he was a gentleman, AND saved a perfectly good pair of sandals!

oh wow that sucks! a nail through your foot must effin hurt!

Awwh, at least you had good intentions. Sounds like something that would happen to me, I always try and do my best and it always backfires on me. Hope your foot gets better soon. (:

Yeah, the sandal wouldn't have helped. Maybe glass, but not a nail.

Well good cannot come with out bad, but that just sucks, feel better :)

How do you forget shoes and not realize it until you get there?

I hope you get laid for it.

When the nail hit your foot, did you say, "Help me-OW!" /stupid