By Lily - 08/01/2011 16:01 - United States

Today, during a dinner party, some friends brought up how sweet, innocent and caring they thought I was. I had to sit there as my drunk boyfriend cut them off and loudly argue that I was neither sweet nor innocent, and really nothing that special at all. FML
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Well, as the Romans said, "in vino veritas." In wine there is truth. So, at least now you know what your boyfriend *really* thinks about you.

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yeah she does! she coulda been sweeter, innocenter, and specialer! (;


Maybe she does. We don't know that lol

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FML team: add the words "it as" after the word "through" and this will be a grammatically correct FML. Yes, I'm aware I'm probably pissing off the FML gods right now, but it's worth fixing the headache from mentally figuring out what she was saying

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I just realized what I said. And stand by it. That's right, "mentally figured out," as opposed to "physically figured out" There must be a difference...

Done! Sort of. As payment, please send us your soul within five working days.

Well, as the Romans said, "in vino veritas." In wine there is truth. So, at least now you know what your boyfriend *really* thinks about you.

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I like that expression.(: I find it to be true. However, when I drink (especially wine) I fall in love with the world. Happy, go lucky. For some reason, I'm only mean when I drink tequila.

as a kid that aspect of alcohol scared me to a point where i only make up complete bullshit when im drunk

Sooo he's with you why? Also you're with him why?

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Atleast you have friends who were arguing against it. :)

And he is still your boyfriend? If I did that to my wife, she would ditch me in a heartbeat, just like I would if she did that to me

you would end a marriage because someone said something the probably won't even remember tomorrow? ending a month long relationship I could see, not a marriage. and I hate to go this route but people like you only help increase the divorce rate in this country......... :(

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40-I've personally seen circumstances in which people would be better off divorced than still together.

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40 has a point. Saying it once or twice I'd be pissed but no reason to end a marriage. If its an ongoing thing than yes it's grounds for divorce.

how is your life ******? you have a boyfriend of 4 years and friends that like you. I blame sirin for this terrible fml.

I blame DocBastard for not "accidentally" slipping with the scalpel and taking out your entire large intestine when he was removing your appendix. Dammit, Doc, just... god dammit.

no doc would get sued for malpractice, and he wouldn't want that cause he's a greedy bastard

There's no such thing as suing for malpractice in Equatorial Guinea, sucka. Now come here and sniff this chlorofo, er, rose...

ok roses are pretty and smell like springtime!

Sounds like he's the one who's nothing special.

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why do women stay in humiliating relationships!!!? there are SO much better out there! why in this day and time do women think so low of themselves!!!?