By foutu - 21/02/2010 11:52 - France

Today, while my wife was watching me get undressed she said "Bloody hell, you really are getting a beer belly. And it makes your already tiny willy look even tinier." All her accusations are true. FML
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YDI for drinking beer and not buying enlargement pills.

she's right, to hell with your micro penis; you should have gender reassignment surgery.

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Haha I bet you're not that large either.

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And that's when you tell her that you'll fix yours when she fixes those rat **** of hers.

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Baby penis! Any other Shane Dawson YouTube watchers?

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As Shane would say, "There is nothing wrong with my turtle!"

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Periodcup! Haha Shane Dawsontv rocks!

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she deserves it for saying "willy"

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British People and thier funny words

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@#77 haha clittterdick:) I love shane:D

Shane Dawson ftl :D clitter dick haha yeah op pretty sure she owned you was I the only one who imagined a Ron weasly accent for the wife?

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no you weren't. first thing that popped up on my mind...

The truth is out there, she just called it to his attention. If she is still is sleeping with his mini-pricked fat arse, she's not a bitch - she's a saint!

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Hahahah, laughing because OP is British and you can tell.

#27 if this was the other way around, ie the man calling the woman fat, then it would be messed up, right?

kegel exirsices work for most people. you just have to fibd the right routine.

Have you ever eaten lard? It makes your hair shiny and can decontaminate bullet wounds. And it can be sculpted into ponies.

Ohhhh man. It looks like u just got owned by a women. Too bad u agreed with her. :( On the Internet. :( Where everyone can see it! :( LMAO..lose some weight. Get in shape. You will feel better ;)

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he should be happy she is honest lol

I would rather my wife be honest so I could do something about it than lie and falsely pad my ego.

Unless she genuinely doesn't care. Some women don't, you know.

Ohhhh looks like u just got owned by a women. What is worse is that u admitted it was true. On the Internet. Where everyone can see it. =[ Poooor OP. LMAO

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ydi for whining about yer wife being honest. this is reality son.

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lol maybe you should get a bigger penis they can fix that nowadays

Tell if it is so damn small she shouldn't mind it in her ass tonight. Oh and, less beer, more sit-ups.