By Well okay then - 09/10/2016 17:12 - United States - Palmdale

Today, after letting the painters working on my house know that they're more than welcome to use my restroom, I walked outside only to find three of them pissing in my garden. One even aimed for my tomatoes. FML
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Report them immediately. That's not ok, and you worked hard on your garden.

serve them a special salad as a thank you.


serve them a special salad as a thank you.

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Maybe they were raised by wolves and were marking their territory.

Ah yes, those notorious wolf painters. You've really got to watch them.

You must be pretty short for him to be able to hit your tomatoes. Or he's got a pretty powerful pee-stream!

Generally men don't pee straight forward... gravity does some work...

Report them immediately. That's not ok, and you worked hard on your garden.

And thus marks the last time you ever hire Amish painters.

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other than the obvious charges, you think Thatd be some sort of biological hazard as they were urinating on your would be food without your knowing?

While I don't condone their behaviour, the gold lining here is they have actually helped the tomatoes. Research shows human urine is a great fertilizer for tomato plants. It's rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate. Seriously. Google it.

They were most likely aiming for the fruit themselves, not the leaves or the stem. Plus, it's highly unlikely they had good intentions. If they wanted to pee on OP's plants to fertilize them, they should have become gardeners.

I agree. Their intentions seem pathetic at best. Regardless where the wannabe-gardener aimed though, the fact remains, the nutrients would likely end up in the soil from run-off alone and I'd think the OP would probably be washing the fruit before eating anyway. I'm not saying its OK, just that there is a positive to what happened, however small that positive might be.

That's how you spread illnesses. Urine is not sanitary to be around food.

Urine is sterile unless you have a uti. Anyone who grows fruit and vegetables knows to wash them before eating them. Flys vomit on their food to predigest it before consuming and if you use pesticides you really don't want to ingest those.