By LyraAlluse - 26/06/2013 18:12 - United States - Phoenix

Today, a neighbor's kid decided to pick a fight with me because I'm "the new kid in town and need to learn who's in charge". When I told him I'm 27, he said excuses like that aren't going to get me off the hook. I just moved here and I'm already being harassed by a twelve year old. FML
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Hello everyone, OP here. I have enjoyed reading the comments, they are all very amusing and gave me a good laugh. In response to the Karate Kid comment, I actually practice Tai Chi, Qigong, Sword Fighting, and other martial arts/ weapon combat styles. Sometimes I do feel like the Karate Kid, especially with this latest development in my life. Because of my martial arts training I believe in self-defense and since all the kid hurled at me were threats, I am not too concerned. I don't think he believed I was above the age of thirteen until I drove in my car today and then you should have seen his expression. It was very amusing. I tend to look very young for my age (hey I'm not complaining) so people tend to think I am in my very early teens all of the time. I was even denied access to a lot of the casinos at Cliff Castle not too long ago because I looked too young to be on the casino floors. At the end of the day I had to wear a stamp that confirmed my age to even be allowed on the casino floors so in some sense I can understand why people mistake me for being so young. In response to the question about living at home, I happen to be a working professional, those years are behind me now. But there are definitely days when I wish that I was still as young as people like to think I am. If I happen to see the kid's parents I'll let them know about his behavior so he doesn't treat the other neighborhood kids the same way. Thank you for the support in all of this. No one should be bullied no matter what age they happen to be. I hope this will inspire other people to stop bullying in their schools and neighborhoods too.

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PulseShock 9

Take a shit in his sandbox. That'll teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.

Some kids need to learn some discipline.


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Say something like, "Oh, yes. The younger the better. What time should we meet up so you can 'teach me a lesson"

"No don't touch me, you'll give me an erection." That would work better.

"I can't go anywhere near a kid, or it'll happen again!"

Damian95 16

#1 I thought your comment was funny. Obviously OP can't do that and it was random. So props and thanks for the laugh. I expect to get downvoted on this one. I don't care.

I find this hilarious. OP can't stand up to a 12 year old since he's 27 and would probably severely hurt him. I don't see why this is being downvoted.

58 - it's not like the OP could do anything to the kid to "stand up" for "himself" (the OP is female btw) as the OP is an adult and could be pressed with charges.

GoodLookingGeese 10

58, OP is she, this is why is so awkward.

ise3 10

OP could ask for parental permission to hit back .-.

MzZombicidal 36

OP should just try speaking to the parents. If that doesn't work, steal his lunch money! At the very least you'll be compensated. ;)

CharresBarkrey 15

The fact that OP is a female makes all these comments moot.

Not really, and if a 12 year old threatened me like that, first thing I'd do is inform the parent that their child is picking fights they couldn't possibly hope to handle. And if the parent does nothing, inform the police, and yes, I will defend myself if attacked, even by a 12 year old. There have been cases where 12 year olds beat their parents and kill younger siblings, I don't intend to let an undisciplined little brat bully me, verbally or physically.

#55 OP could easily defend herself from a 12 year old. The police that arrive after are the real issue.

Accept your fate and resign to your hazing. Oh and, prepare your underwear, he's going to go oldschool on your ass.

Damian95 16

Id personally resort to doing the most mature thing possible. I would tell my mommy and daddy. Solves everything.

tjv3 10

Tell him you are a mob hit man and you stay strapped at all times and you are always on the move because people seem to disappear .

tjv3 10

Or just tell him you'll eat his liver in a nice red wine reduction after you dine on his still beating heart. Just kidding tell him you have pit stains older than he is lol

Chase him with your car? Or creepily follow him around in it.

Some kids need to learn some discipline.

True, true. Too many kids/teenagers do like to have their trousers hanging very low. I imagine a belt may be very beneficial. Might be against the local fashion, though. :P

shaww 28

That doesn't always work. I see a kid who wears a belt, and his asscrack is the first sight when he bends over

Having your pants hang way down Originated in prison when inmates wanted to let others know they were available/willing to accept it in the rear. If only kids these days knew what their body language was projecting.

Amen #48. Pants have a "waist line" for a reason.... It's meant to sit on your waist, not around your knees.

Guess we all know how 57 wears his pants..

Ahh yes. Young grasshopper racka da disaprine.. We shall teach the young one the art of ka-ra- tay to builda da disaprine lol

#48 Sagging did indeed originate in prisons and mental health facilities. But it had nothing to do with advertising for anal sex. It had to do with the fact that belts and shoelaces were confiscated to make it harder for the inmates/patients to suicide themselves. If only the anti-saggers knew what they were talking about. I gotta say I love the way word-of-mouth like this is taken as fact without any sort of checking. That reminds me. Did you hear that Einstein was black? Apparently he went about in white face in order to make the Science! community take him seriously.

The funny thing is that's a trend that started in jails. Men who were willing to...receive ( to put it appropriately) wore there pants low so other jail birds knew. It also made them easy access :p

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Kids these days need to bring back the good ol' grandpa style. Hike those pants up til they reach your belly button. You'd be a trend starter for sure. It'd be even better if you sported the plaid golfer pants as well.

Maybe it's just where I live but I rarely see kids with sagging pants anymore, that ***** from like 5-10 years ago. Nowadays it's emos with pants that looked like they were bought from a store my gf would shop at.

Sinistra_Blue 12

Mandatory suspenders for everyone!

PulseShock 9

Take a shit in his sandbox. That'll teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.

Show him who's got the headlights he'll never question about superiority again.

andiw 6

Omg lmfao!! Peed a little lol!

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Sinistra_Blue 12

My parents never got me a tricycle, just put me on a bicycle and pushed me towards traffic.

UnluckyGenius 21

And that's when you accidentally hit the turd with your car the next time he is riding his bike.

That's when u take in charge and show him whose the new boss in town

Martinez0285 28

make sure someone is crouching behind him to fall over on :)