By Anathema_360 - 20/09/2009 23:19 - Canada

Today, I woke up from a nap on my new bed to see my phone lit up with new texts. My friend sent out "Wanna test out my new bed?" as a mass text while I was asleep to every boy in my phone. Mark will be here in an hour, Jon wants to know what I'm wearing, and my ex's new girlfriend is not amused. FML
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hahaha gotta love ur friend

So, did the bed do the trick? Thank god for Mark and his genuine intrest in beds


OMG FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@1 Wow make sure to collect your medal and trophy along with your life

How can they be more careful? It's not their fault at all.

Orgy anyone

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#35 I think you mean "Orgy EVERYONE" stop responding to comments to get to the top if it has nothin to do with the thing ur responding to

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At least you know ppl think you're hot. ;D

hahaha gotta love ur friend

i bet op needed help hooking up

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bahahahaha that's amazing. your friend is legit, take a joke.

YDI for sleeping

It is a joke! And funny. And I'm sure your friends will understand. People need to laugh more ;D

That is awesome! But why would you sleep while your friend was over?

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This what?

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#19 wins

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agreed. 19 U win!

Could be roommates with her friend

That's hilarious. I feel bad for Mark and Jon though.

So, did the bed do the trick? Thank god for Mark and his genuine intrest in beds

I wish I had been on your list under a guy's name. I want to try it out!

hahaha amaaazing :P

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Well... Round for an hour and what your wearing; at least your hot (I think XD)

picks or it dident happen...

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spellcheck or you suck at life.

Dude, just pick up some toothpicks at Walmart or something. They shouldn't have to do your errands just so you will belive their story...

Haha. At least you know you've still got it!