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  espark  |  3

Hey, I'm the op. :) It was actually a few days before Halloween, but where I was, a TON of people were dressed up, so I figured he was just one of the many.

  mariri9206  |  32

It's pronounced "goff."

(It is but I'm kidding, btw. I don't really care how you pronounce it. lol)


it's not van Goff either, man. it's like vincent van * some hacking noise*.. just Google how to pronounce vincent van gogh audio or something like that to find the real Dutch pronounciation.

By  xxDeeStar  |  27

Saw the title and I had to say that you're not an asshole! There is no way you'd know. Things happen sometimes. As long as you apologized, you did your part.

By  claudiajean  |  24

Don't worry I once got told I was brave going back to work so soon after a massive surgery on my brain. I'd actually jut had too much to drink and let someone shave my undercut without a guard on it.

He'll get over it :) you didn't know!

  mariri9206  |  32

This could have been on Halloween. Just because the post date is in November doesn't mean it actually occurred in November. It's really likely that it happened in October - on Halloween, actually - and OP just posted/submitted it a few days later.