By kansah - Australia
Today, I came home from school and found my mother singing along to her latest investment, a compilation CD filled with heavy metal covers of ABBA classics. FML
kansah tells us more :
I am just going to make it clear, if the covers were decent I would be able to tolerate them and give my mum credit for having such excellent taste in music, however the covers are utterly horrible.
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  smurfsarwales  |  9

don't hate, appreciate. if you've only listened to skrillex like 90% of people, I agree with you, dubstep is terrible. any other artist like flux pavilion is good.
fuck skrillex

  JoSEaViLA  |  0

u cant but u can memorize how it goes an humm it in ur head like i do to scary monsters and nice spirits or first of the year (equinox) i do that 2 all o skrillex's songs