By kansah - 06/10/2011 10:11 - Australia

Today, I came home from school and found my mother singing along to her latest investment, a compilation CD filled with heavy metal covers of ABBA classics. FML
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kansah tells us more.

I am just going to make it clear, if the covers were decent I would be able to tolerate them and give my mum credit for having such excellent taste in music, however the covers are utterly horrible.

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That might be the most badass thing i have ever heard.

If my mom did that, I'd be stoked.


That might be the most badass thing i have ever heard.

Less annoying than the original ABBA

Am I the only one that intuitively read AC/DC at first glance?

Andr913 13

If I had a little money...I'd totally buy that. Money Money Money!

13-yep. I read it as AC/DC first.

lakaiskate 12

Metal is so sick dude tell your mom to send the cd to me.

whippymcdumb4zs 0

I have a copy; I purchased it because I am a Maggot thru and thru and, it was one of #8's(Cory Taylor) little side projects. Almost forgot m/

I read AC/DC at first as well xP

I see no problem here

I read ADHD... oops

Other than a fat guy in a beatle dancing to brittany spears!

cradle6 13

Yeah I don't see a problem here. Sounds gnarly.

If my mom did that, I'd be stoked.

Llama_Face89 33

This is a CD I may have to try and find.

Did she get the sing-along version?

You may have the best mom in the world

Me too - my mom listens to bluegrass... loudly. At 3am.

Oh mama Mia!!!

She's a dancing *death metal growl* QUEEEENNNNNNNNNN

ABBA FTW! Your mom is awesome.

This. Neither FYL, nor YDI. Your mom is awesome!

omfg_creepers 8

Did you find here collection of whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men!

cupcakesnpot 9

Still awesome #7!

That made just as much sense as wiping your ass before shitting

ditter80 0

Lmao! That was awesome! Doesn't anyone watch family guy here, jeez

Soooo much better than that Mamma Mia sound track! Watch out! those songs are catchy! Waterloo, how's does it feel......ugh!

Word of advise my friend, don't invest in it

Its the beas way to get you to move out.

jswizzle_ 6

Be thankful it isn't dubstep.

don't hate, appreciate. if you've only listened to skrillex like 90% of people, I agree with you, dubstep is terrible. any other artist like flux pavilion is good. fuck skrillex

tylersign 11

You can't exactly sing along to dubstep..

@ #26 -- Klaypex

41- sure you can! womp womp woooommmmmp haha jk

drawmesunshine 17

Indeed, Skrillex blows. And Flux Pavillion is definitely one of my favourites. Distance is even better, though (:

30STMlove 0

Skrillex FTW

Alexisthebestest 16

Skrillex is such a sell-out. His singing is terrible, so he switched over to a genre of music that doesn't require his vocals...and he still sucks.

jswizzle_ 6

Actually, my sister has proven that you can sing along to dubstep, you just look like a fool doing it.

Alexisthebestest 16

Hm. That sounds pretty...interesting.


u cant but u can memorize how it goes an humm it in ur head like i do to scary monsters and nice spirits or first of the year (equinox) i do that 2 all o skrillex's songs