By Anonymous - 03/01/2010 10:36 - South Africa

Today, my mother forwarded me an email my stepdad had sent her because he was annoyed that I left a light on last night. Talk about communication problems. I wonder how I'm going to tell them I'm pregnant. FML
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Write a note and leave it on the light switch.

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Rent a billboard. No, wait.... Skywriting. That'll work.


this fml confused me when i read it at first

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my thoughts exactly. maybe OP could email her friend about it, then have the friend forward it to them.

write en email telling everyone your patents know, eventually someone will forward it to your parents to say congratulations

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Tell the father to foward it?

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Rent a billboard. No, wait.... Skywriting. That'll work.

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Sounds like a tersely-worded e-mail will do the trick. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing that this pregnancy was not initiated by your husband and you are welcoming your mom's legitimate grandchild into this world. You don't have to explain much in the e-mail, the message "I'm an ignorant **** who can't figure out birth control" will come through loud and clear. Hey, maybe your baby will be born during the World Cup!

Why would you guess that? I think the sweetest and most responsible married couple I know live with his parents and their baby girl. Maybe you should really take some time and think about what it is that makes you leap to assumptions that you feel give you the right to be a judgmental bitch, yeah?

Don't you get that sometimes people make these things called jokes? Chill fgs.

Oh come now, birth control can be unhealthy, and condoms break. Pregnancies happen!

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First of all, it's the nice folks at that give me the right to be a judgmental bitch. I can also be a supportive buddy, a clueless rube or a sarcastic prankster -- whatever I like, that's what makes FML so much fun. Obviously, you are functionally illiterate. Yes, you can read and write words, but you can't really grasp meaning. It is apparent that the news of her pregnancy is not going to be welcomed, so the likelihood of it matching your outlandish scenario is remote. I'm thinking she's a stupid trollop who can't keep her legs shut or open a condom wrapper. Your silly anecdotal evidence will not persuade me to believe otherwise.

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"a supportive buddy, a clueless rube, a sarcastic prankster" lmao what do you think you are, a character on a tv sitcom? this is just a comment section on a leisure website, trying to look like a badass on it just shows us that you are probably a bullied 8th grader in real life

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K so because you know one couple who you happen to like who live with their parents, your going to come here and act as though it's fine for most adults to do so. Last I checked, being an adult living with your parents is the definition of a loser, despite the fact that most of the losers on this site fall into that category. Perdix is right, if this girl is living with her parents and not ready to support a child, she should have done a better job abstaining or using birth control. Chances are this is going to end up more of a problem for the poor girl's parents than anything else, they have a right to be angry when she tells them. YDI, though I do feel bad for you

Dude I totally agree with you. I have a friend in Africa and it is custom to live with your parents until you get married so you really can't tell from this.

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"boygenius50" (hah), you sound like you are in middle school, which means you have no right to say what an adult should do with their life. Having a username that you got from the show Jimmy Neutron is the definition of a loser. Plus, the OP is in south Africa, and customs are probably different there. In some cultures, people don't move out of their parents house until the mid 20's (this is common in some Asian countries). But you probably think the United States is the only country in the world. You cant comment on women's rights issues when your balls haven't dropped yet.

Heehee... you used the word "trollop".

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Wooooow way to make far to many assumptions on something as stupid as a username, all of which are false. You've succeded in making a total ass out of yourself. I can express my opinion to whoever I damn well please, regardless of my age or theirs, not that I'm as young as you seem to think. That's what the site is for, so kindly piss off and leave me to do so. Go back to living in your messed-up world where you can judge people whenever you choose to, with no reason other than the fact that you're an asshole. Though you're right about one thing, I didn't realize that the OP was from south Africa because I'm on my itouch. My earlier comment may require some more thought. It was stupid and, unfortunately, overly American of me to assume everyone's like me. Sorry if I offended anyone.

I didn't say you didn't have any right to be a judgmental bitch. I simply implied you might not enjoy sounding like one. I'm not going to try and say your inability to comprehend something so blatantly said makes you functionally illiterate because I don't think it's particularly clever or funny to exaggerate someones short comings (especially when yours clearly aren't in any need of exaggeration) but I will point out you might what to think about what you've just said before using claims like this yourself. The OP didn't imply the news wouldn't be welcomed. She said her family has communication problems. Pregnancy is big news, regardless of whether it's going to be well received or not. It's hardly an outlandish scenario to think the OP is in a relationship. You're more likely to get pregnant if you're in a relationship and having sex regularly, and plenty of young adults live at home in her country. Sorry if you find logic outlandish, rather than wild assumptions that give you an excuse to be a bitch.

You're also assuming the OP even lives at home and wasn't just visiting her family like most people over Christmas and New Years.

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good point Twinklestar, I'm a sophomore in college with my own apartment but home right now for Christmas break, but a bunch of high schoolers wouldn't realize that. So Perdix the bullied 8th grader and Jimmy Neutron up there can shut the **** up!

It's "you're", not "your" boy"genuis" and yeah, I am going. Most adults living with their parents pay rent, and as I said above, you don't even know she's living at home. It's the holiday period and most people visit family at this time.

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Ok well the first thing that needs to be addressed here is the fact that my nickname has nothing remotely to do with Jimmy neutron. The boy part implies that I am male, perhaps younger but by no means a middle schooler. The genius part implies that I am considered intelligent by those around me, a sensation that is clearly totally foreign to you. You know nothing else about me, so please stop making assumptions that just make us both look like assholes. I have no idea why your mind even jumped straight to Jimmy neutron, for this is not the first idea that occurs to those of us with mental capacities exceeding that of a 5-year-old at the sound of the word "genius." I'm sorry I had to spell this out for you in this manner, now please get off my case. As for the FML, there are a lot if things that we should know before truly judging the OP. Perdix and I made some(perhaps faulty) assumptions, and you and your friends made some assumptions. Everyone needs to fill in some of the details for themselves, for it is impossible for the OP to include her life story in one FML. From the way the FML was written, it seemed to me as though the OP is not presently living with her parents in what would not be considered a positive situation. I judged accordingly. Whether I'm right or wrong, we won't know unless the OP comes on here herself. Either way, I expressed my opinion and there's no need for anyone to come after me about doing so. Please lighten up!

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Sorry I meant it didn't seem like a positive situation. I put an extra not in there

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Yeah sorry twinklestar the grammar mistakes drive me crazy too. The problem is that i'm on an itouch, so the keyboard and spellcheck are awful. And you're(see I got it that time) right, the OP isn't necessarily living with their parents, but we just don't know for sure. You have to make some assumptions with how short the posts are, I judged one way and you judged the other. That's all there is to it. Makes for better debating at least

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The object you're referring to is "iPod touch". The "itouch" is a completely different mp3 player-type thing that is not made by apple. You're a pompous ass for using big words to make yourself sound smarter. I still think you are in middle school.

What "big words" did he use to make himself seem smarter? I don't see any unnecessarily big words. You're probably just too dumb to understand any words past a 3rd grade reading level, therefore making you think that he's using "big words" when he really isn't.

Boygenius50 8

Sorry I actually didn't know that about the iPod but where I'm from it's pretty commonly referred to as an itouch. But I really didn't use any big words, and I wasn't trying to look smart. Now I'm beginning to question who's really in middle school on here when some people consider necessarily and equally long words "big." Either you're excessively young or excessively stupid, I'm under the impression that it's the latter. Mind your own business.

Ahahaa, that whole thread argument was funny as hell to read. Why do so many people fight over the internet???

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191- agreed boygenius- I call my iPod touch the itouch or just the touch all the time. so yeah I don't see the big deal

boygenius owned everyone else but you can see where they are from on the itouch(or iPod touch for all you smart people out there)

I was conceived on birth control and with a condom.

243 - that'd explain it. perdix, they don't appreciate/comprehend your brand of humor, there are far more accepting, cheerful people than there are of us

Write a note and leave it on the light switch.

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Tell him you needed the light on so you could see to read the pregnancy test.

Replace the light switch with the pregnancy test.

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This FML seems disjointed. I get what she's saying (trouble with communication and pregnant) but it's just awkward.

Maybe she's actually a satirical genius, conveying her family's communication problems through bad communication!

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yeaaaa thts pretty ****** sadd!!

Oh I know hire those bands that like sing or something there's a name for them can't remember quite now... It's different I suppose?

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You're living with your parents and you're pregnant? Depending on how old you are: YDI for being old enough for a baby and living with your parents or YDI for being a ***** and getting pregnant when you're too young.

****** don't actually get babies, the main goal of a ***** is receiving money.

How do you know she was too young? I think the average age for people moving out of their parents where I live is mid-twenties, and why is she a ***** just because she lives with her parents??? That makes no sense to me at all how you arrived at that conclusion.

Seriously. My aunt just got on my cousin's case for her being 'too young to be be having a baby'. My cousin is 30 years old and MARRIED. People are idiots.

#22 1- Prostitute 2- Any woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse So yes, the OP didn't give all the details... but most likely.. she is a *****...

corme you stupid twat, don't have a ridiculus opinion on something you're too close minded to understand!! god people like you piss me off!!

OP lives in South Africa. As far as I know, it's pretty normal there that people live with their parents untill they get married or even during the first years of marriage.

twinklestar is starting to act like a little bitch

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You don't have to be a ***** to get pregnant at a young age it could have been by the first guy she ever slept with

Wow...I at least hope your stepdad was not in the same room or just the room over when she wrote that to your mom...same from her to you. If you all really don't talk that much face to face just pop the baby out and then show it to your mom like 'look found a baby, can I keep it?'