By CC - United States - Southfield
Today, I was icing an injured foot with a frozen water bottle as the doctor directed me. When I was done, I picked the bottle up and immediately dropped it on the same injured foot, which is now swollen and bruised. FML
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By  Bakarra  |  22

I don't know if the doctor specifically told you to use a bottle of water but if not I would definitely go for a frozen bag of peas or something more flexible to fit the shape of the afflicted area, fyl though thats just bad luck...

  outoftown  |  26

I've broken and/or sprained a foot more than once and have used all the above methods. Frozen water bottles are great for some breaks/rehabs. As for the peas... reminds me of the old genetics joke: "Brother Mendel, we grow tired of peas."

By  DocBastard  |  38

A frozen water bottle? What quack told you to do that? You're supposed to use an ice cold BEER bottle. Take off the cap and apply the beer directly to your mouth.

Doctor's orders.