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Today, at 12, I went for a run across campus.‬ Why? I'd realized my 12:30 exam was actually at 12.‬ ‪FML
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And so he said to you...RUN FOREST RUN!!

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And so he said to you...RUN FOREST RUN!!

Yes, I am going to be that guy. Forrest*

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You have a phone. set a reminder.

he would have put the alarm for 12.30 anyway

Run OP!! Run like your future depends on it!!

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His future probably does depend on it lol

Damn hope your professor is chill and doesn't lock you out!

How could you forget the actual time? College exams are given, in class, during regular class times. If the class starting time was 12:00, why would you think the exam was at 12:30?

Not everyone lives in the US :) different places different rules

The OP's location clearly says United States.

not all exams are during class time. my finals are set at times that have zero relation to the normal class time

Agree. All my final exams for uni were at either 8am or 9am and most of my lectures were scheduled somewhere between 9am and 2pm with the occasional outlier at 8am or 7pm. I think the only exams which lined up with their class time was for subjects where the lecture was at 8am. This is a straight YDI for not keeping track of your exam times correctly.

Sometimes our professors that taught multiple sections would have all the students take the exam during the earliest section, so on exam days class would be earlier than usual. It happens