By Severus_Snape_ - United States - Los Angeles
Today, I got a mosquito bite on my wrist. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I am pretty sure mosquito bites are not supposed to start crawling up to your armpit while swelling. FML
Severus_Snape_ tells us more :
Wow, this is the first time one of my FMLs have been accepted! I googled whatever was happening on my arm, and I think 26 may or may not be right. According to the internet, if should go away in a few days, and it was a spider bite. But ever since I was a kid, I've always attracted some weird bug bites, but this has never happened to me before. Unfortunately, I am the type of person that will twist my wrist and still just say that I'm fine. Like that time where I threw up twice when I was 11 years old and still insisted that I was well enough to go to school, only to be sent back home when I threw up again. I applied some type of cream thing on the bite, and it has gotten better. It'll probably go away in a few days. Hopefully.
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  doodlecloud  |  26

How does it sound like a tick? Ticks burrow their teeth in and hold on for dear life, the one thing they DON'T do is crawl around. This sounds like some kind of terrifying tropical parasite..

  shesaywha  |  19

@18 I don't understand why it's been thumbed UP. That shitty situation joke gets buried in down facing thumbs but these jokes rarely go sub zero, despite being equally as bad and repetitive.

  ragnarok1540  |  39

I agree. It sounds like it might be a case of cutaneous larva migrants (an infection caused by a hookworm). These parasites may be found in the intestines of dogs, cats, and other animals and are spread through through skin contact with droppings on the ground or other surfaces. I highly recommend that you see a doctor soon. Also, wear shoes at all times when outdoors. If you have a pet, you may want to take them to a vet to get them de-wormed.

By  SolarLunix  |  21

This isn't a probably or a should or a maybe


If it's moved like that in less than a day and your doctor can't see you, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!