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By  protoskore  |  26

it can happen. various map apps show my address to be on the other end of the street. I usually leave extra directions in the remarks to delivery guys, but still at least a third of them call me from the other end of the street.

By  AstroTurfMatador  |  11

I don't think I've seen a post that that was a YDI more than this one.
You spent way too much on a washer. As others said, you could get a W & D for less than what you paid for just a washer.
Did you even try to get it fixed? Much cheaper.
Did you check the lint trap on your dryer? Probably overflowing, caught fire, and that's what's smoking. No cost to fix except for some time.
You must have a lot of expendable cash.


Wow, this was not the FML I was replying to. Maybe I should submit to the site "Today I was replying to an FML about an overpriced washer, but it ended up attached to an FML about pizza delivery. FML"