By Anonymous - 06/09/2011 09:32 - United States

Today, I frantically chased a customer down the parking lot, because they had left their package at my register, only to find out that the whole time I was chasing the wrong person. FML
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What kind of package are we talking about?

Did they like the way you were handling their package?


What kind of package are we talking about?

As you chased the wrong person, his partner cleaned your register out...

You grabbed the his package and then chased him? That's a rape n' chase my friend.

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What an odd place to leave a penis....

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They probably would have came back looking for it once they forgot it, but that's nice to run after them except when it's the wrong person:)

Were they running away from you thinking your a maniac

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Well on the other hand you got some good exercise.

Lol, I feel ya OP, I've done that many times before haha

Did they like the way you were handling their package?

i hope the package wasnt important, like medication

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You need to pay more attention to what your customers look like and what they buy... and make sure they got all their stuff BEFORE they leave your register. Its understandable if it is busy or a bagger person was stupid and put it in a place you would miss it. But just check a little better next time. I learned to quite quickly when I was a cashier. But then again, my boss was a douche.

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That's not actually the cashier's job. If you buy something, you take it with you. Not that ******* hard.

Psh If I was working I wud have pocketed that shit haha I mean free stuff doesn't come around too often.

You're a better person than I. I would have had their forgetful asses come back and retrieve their own shit. I'm joking. That was sweet of you OP. (:

Hahaa I've seen that happen before actually....what made it funnier was that it was a gay guy wearing boots with little heels and he clicked everytime he took a step lol

At least you had the courtesy to try. Most people don't give a flying f***.