Today, while chatting with a friend online, I told her that Kristen Stewart isn't going to star in the 50 Shades movie as she originally thought. She then spammed me with so many "NO"/"NO WAY" messages that my crappy laptop froze up, forcing me to reboot and lose a ton of unsaved essay notes. FML
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  jasmine2301  |  25

50 Shades of Grey is amazing! What? are you so sexually deprived that you can't understand its meaning?

  cmayer  |  20

I read this theory that says that Kristin Stewart read twilight and decided to play Bella exactly like she is written in the book. I choose to believe this just bc I've seen her actually displaying a personality and emotions in other movies and in interviews. Remember, no one hates twilight more than the stars of twilight.

  Caitie_kid  |  8

30 I've read better erotic scenes in a Nora Roberts novel. I'm sorry, but those books sucked. Here's an erotic scene from that book in a nutshell:
He looks at her, she gasps, he touches her "down there", she flushes, she blushes, he gasps, she bites her lip, she refers to her genitals as down there a few more times, more flushing, more blushing, more gasping, more lip biting, end scene.

  gottageek  |  17

30, not so sexually deprived to settle for any sad attempt at a bdsm novel. It's a little saddening how crappy books get published and the author is uninformed themselves. But I guess we shouldn't expect much from a book that was a fanfic based off another crappy book about abusive relationships and sparkly "vampires".

  carecow  |  16

What if the character Bella is so poorly and shallowly described as possible so that the readers (Mostly females) can easily replace her with themselves so they're able to emerge even deeper into the story? This is just my own theory but it seems like a pretty good sales trick.

TLDR: What if Kirsten was supposed to act like a plank?

  ShyAnn29  |  14

I personally think that Kristen Stewart is a great actress, just because you may not like Twilight, doesn't mean that she's bad at what she does!

By  jasmine2301  |  25

Should have saved your notes before opening another tab? Well that's what I do...

  dalink  |  24

Time to upgrade that POS. Also, if you used Word then it should have a series of autosaves for unexpected closures... But obviously you wouldn't have posted this if that had actually been the case.

By  olpally  |  32

Your friend is really that kind of idiot... Wow. Who cars about the actress and that dumb ass book? It's not even going to be that good anyways. Time to find a better friend I think.

  DWordHead16  |  19

Personally, I think that's pretty fucked up to try to get rid of a friend because you don't like what they like.. It might have been a stupid thing to do or she likes dumb things but that's no reason to give up on her. If she's a good, well-mannered friend that actually gives a flying fuck about you, then stay friends! That's what it's all about. (:
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