By stixx - 25/10/2009 17:18 - United States

Today, I got a new cat. I tried to reenact the opening scene from Lion King, where in Simba gets held up for everyone to see. The fan was on when I lifted my cat up. FML
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I created an account just to tell you that you're a dumbass.

omg are you saying you decapitated your cat?


omg are you saying you decapitated your cat?

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I was wondering that too. there is no explanation here

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you should have had the "circle of life" playing in the background

We should also reenact a scene from lion king. Mufasa (played by you) will be hanging over a cliff (played by the san franciso bridge) as i Scar (played by me), happen to grab you in the nick of time before you slip off. Just for me to purposely let go of you, you fall into the middle of a stampeding herd of wilder beasts ( played by the Oakland bay).

I don't think they're saying they killed the cat. I know if I decided to hold my cat up to a ceiling fan, even as a kitten, or however high the ceiling fan actually was, he'd freak out and attempt to claw my face off, which, if the cat did, is an FML.

I'm betting if it weren't for the fan, you would have posted this on MLIA. FYL ^_^

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Now you can replay "the headless horseman"!!!

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im not sure your average ceiling fan would cut a head off... but it could probably do enough damage to kill a kitten. YDI for being an adult that feels the need to reenact a disney movie with a live animal.

I created an account just to tell you that you're a dumbass.

For all we know, there was an oscillating fan that blew a gentle breeze on the cat as it was held up, adding to the scene, and this was meant for MLIA. More details are definitely needed.