By karl - 10/01/2009 06:50 - Ireland

Today, we were out smoking a bit of spliff just walking around. We saw a place to sit down in this little car park we were walking past. The cops came over and busted us. Turns out we were in the main car park for the cop shop. FML
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theres stupid, then theres retarded, then theres you guys, fail.

so many hateful comments just cause they don't toke, granted it was stupid to choose such a place ... park is always nicer and better.


theres stupid, then theres retarded, then theres you guys, fail.

you were either really stoned or your just dumb as ****. probably both

if your going to smoke then dont walk around omg your ******* retards

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YDI for saying spliff and cop shop

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39- why the hell r u defending them? r u one them retards? god, sometimes I wonder about the world today

Hahaha, that was one of the most ignorant, retarded generalizations I have ever heard. Do some research, go smoke a joint, and be enlightened :)

40: pot is much less harmful than your alcohol you ignorant *****. And judging by your spelling skills it also causes less brain damage.

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40: You're right. Pot is horrible and made of Jesus' tears, pain, misery and him being tortured by pointy sticks. Let's all go murder people instead.

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In my opinion, pot isn't good or bad. It doesn't kill like a lot of people think, but in my opinion it isn't a good thing to be involved in. Everyone has different ways of passing time or handling stress or whatever other reasons people use pot. I just choose not to. We shouldn't hate on everyone that is different than us, it won't change them.

Sometimes I wonder why they legalize alcohol and not weed. I don't think I've ever heard of people dying from weed at all, whereas alcohol, numerous cases.

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40- Are you one them retards. Irony.

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Oh you poor thing, when you decided to do illegal drugs in plain view of a bunch of police officers you got caught... I'm so sympathetic.

I feel your pain. I was walkin past the pig pen the other day in kinda skanky clothes, and a cop asked me if i was a hooker. luckily, he took my word for it that i wasnt :P

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You're happy he took your word for it because you're actually a hooker right? And if you're wearing skanky enough clothing to get asked that, MAYBE you should dress less skanky. Seems like that would be a good life choice.

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Then how would we have protection from people like you?

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I'm pretty sure he meant smoke weed. Not burn like fire burn.

Until someone robs, rapes, or attempts to kill you. I'm pretty sure you'd want a cop around then, hypocrite.