By Taylor - 21/04/2014 04:04 - United States - Dubuque

Today, my boyfriend drove 20 miles to come see me. The closest we got to intimacy was him showing me how he could unlock his iPhone 5s with his penis. FML
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graceinsheepwear 33

Dick move.

At least you saw some action


At least you saw some action

Instead of just seeing some action she should have jumped in and made a move. I'm sure he would be happy to oblige


Sometimes, the girl needs to take initiative.

You should have been more assertive though

It doesn't always have to be the guy to make the first move

jazzy_123 20

true. My bf lives 30 miles away and comes to see me at least once a week. There's no way I'm gonna waste precious time hoping he'll make the first move! Lol. Gotta go for it ladies.

Saintdyn 9

I'm a guy and can say that sometimes making the first move is harder because we're not sure if it's the right time or okay with the girl.

One word. Head. Head can/may always leaves to sex in my book. No matter who's the giver. (Me or Her)

sweetestbitcheva 14

He's a keeper;)

With the touch sensor or nah?

Yes, it was with the fingerscanner. Smh

mif_fml 27

He could use his penis to enter the unlock code..

graceinsheepwear 33

Dick move.

Animekid126 13

Stop it

Update to a different guy.

Really??? He was just being funny.

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That's ****** hilarious.

juturnaamo 29

His penis was out and you didn't get any action? Maybe you should have made a move.

If he had his dick out you should have capitalized!

kittycat69 5

Hahaha that's awesome he is a keeper

nothing wrong with it, but sounds like he's gay if he had it out and no 'action' ensued

iOceanus 18

With all due respect, sir, you're sounding like a douche.

rocker_chick23 27

Why do you think he's gay? This might be a shock to you #11, but even straight men don't feel like having sex sometimes.

lol I said nothing wrong with it! I'm just saying if she wanted to have sex why didn't he do so instead of playing with his phone

rocker_chick23 27

Again, some men aren't in the mood for sex sometimes. Just because he had it out doesn't mean he was in the mood.