By dummy441 - 21/04/2009 03:14 - United States

Today, when I was walking in to the grocery store, a van pulls up and a bunch of guys get out who look really drunk. I jokingly said to the sober-looking man who had driven the van "Sucks you have to be the designated driver!" Turns out the "Drunk" guys were actually mentally challenged. FML
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good thing they're mentally challenged or else he might have been really offended


good thing they're mentally challenged or else he might have been really offended

why is everybody saying ydi? how was he supposed to know they were mentally challenged?

he just shouldn't have said it in the first never know

... you do realize he said it to the non mentally challanged man, right?

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LMFAO! YDI but it's a FML moment, hahahahahhaha. Can't you tell the difference between mentally-challenged and drunk people?! Lol

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Guys how did she deserve it if you saw a bunch of grown people stumbling around and looking drunk what would you think, still i wouldnt have said anything but honestly its an honest mistake.

If I saw a bunch of grown men stumbling around I would have thought they were zombies

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hahaha- hey at least u called it and refer to urself as dummy441:) u cldnt have known but jeez what a hilarious big mouth!

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UR mean. i happen to be mentally challenged myself

summerguy97 16

why the hell would you say anything in the first place?

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At a glance it isn't necessarily obvious whether someone is mentally challenged or drunk. FYL.

YDI You really deserve to be on that truck. It´s pretty esay to see the diference between Mentally ill people an drunk ones. BTW why you wanted to give them your opinion?

Are you serious? Why would a van full of drunk guys be going to a grocery store?

Was it a 'short' van? #9 - Really? I can think of a million reasons. Condoms, frozen pizza, any other munchies imaginable.