By heartless - 11/03/2010 21:07 - United States

Today, my mom told me she can't wait for me to turn eighteen so she can turn my room into a place for her to display all her antique glass dolls. FML
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Maybe you are one.

Just like I'm sure you've told her that you can't wait until you're eighteen to move out and be on your own.... Is it so weird for your mom to have a conversation with you that you turn running the other way? or are you upset that she's exciting to soon have a room for herself/her stuff? Idk, I think you're overreacting. It's not like she said she's kicking you out, and it's not as if she would keep your room exactly the way you kept it once you are moved out anyways.


Maybe you are one.

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8th? Haha that sucks OP.

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destroy her glass dolls!

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Maybe the OP is one? Yeah... I am sure the OP is an antique porcelain doll. ._.

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YDI for walking through doors

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dang oh well haha

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because flying is awsome

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Monika u stole my

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@17 My bad! Lol You can have the next one, I swear!

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I would say that the OP is lucky that her mother is not extremely sad at the fact that her child is leaving one day. My mum cried for the entire 3 days before I moved out on my own. She still calls me once a week, writes on my Facebook wall, and shows up at my house for surprise visits. I would have been fine with my mum putting dolls in my old room, instead of leaving it exactly how it is, you know, just in case I ever decide to move back into the nest. ._.

This reminds me of an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark! Creepy. Old school nickelodeon- the BEST.

Monika: My mom calls almost everyday so don't feel bad... a lot of us college kids are dealing with the same things. Granted I'm glad she cares about me but I think I can take care of myself =P heck... I even know how to iron and do laundry now... and kick ass in pong :-P

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dolls? things that stare at you in the dark of the night.. ready to come to life and creep and whisper and turn your body into a bloody nightmare ... OO well... um.. yay?

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@D: (Just realized I have no idea what your name is, btw) Yeah, us college kids have it rough. LOL Eventually though, our moms will stop trying to be a part of our everyday life and let us do things on our own. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I swear, the next time that my mom asks to go to a Frat Party with me, I will change my number and delete my FB. Like I said, the OP is the lucky one.

@M (I can do it too :-P) wow... my mom has never done that yet lol... although she doesn't understand most of the "hip" "young" stuff so I usually leave all the party details out for simplicity :-P and yea... the choice of name is kinda a long story... PM time lol

I would never sleep in a room filled with antique porcelin dolls. They are creepy

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burn uhmm all bro break that fucking glass shit

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Awesome, we can share though we can be.... 7/8 or 8/9 :P

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@ 78, I like sleeping with dolls..I mean er not sleeping with dolls cause that would be weird but I know deep down you love them.

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your mom is a creepy ass bitch. enough said.

tell her you can't wait till you move out so you don't have to see all her creepy dolls

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@85, okay we can share. :)

that's just weird but I can't wait to turn 18

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Are you afraid of the dark? I used to love that show :)) <3

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never break the glass dolls, they're very valuable, sell them for money, three is easily about $600

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LOL i so remember that show, 69

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My brothers and sisters are all over 27, and mom makes them call her once a week, at least. She's a worrywart, but I'm glad she is. Saved my ass with her advice many times.

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my parents can't wait for me to leave either

I know after 10 years or so I'd be happy thinking about the day my kid left.

you can stay at my place until i think your fat or ugly.

riight 2? tell her you cant wait to get away from her glass FACE

@31- umm, creepy

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First!! Gee that sucks bad, at least its not going to become a room she puts the smelly cats into. be positive : )

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First person to get Third! :)

Miss^^ And I personally have never came across anyone whose parents ask them to leave at 18. Maybe it's a cultural thing but FYL.

lol Monika, that's an optimistic twist but #3 is still a miss.

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@16, just trying to help a fella out. :)

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maybe because u don't do shit at home! And it's time for u to give her a rest!!!!

Not funny. Dolls are scary. I was once knew a guy who was really afraid of dolls, so his roommate hid one in the shower. When he went into the bathroom, he screamed and jumped out a window, and into a woodchipper. Don't worry, the guy deserved it. He sometimes went seal clubbing, which is somehow considered a sport. So if you find this funny, don't worry. You won't go to hell.

so? it's better living alone anyway

That's sad, FYL for having a mom that loves dolls more than her own child!

Maybe it's just her way of coping with empty nest syndrome! She needs to fill the room immediately so it doesn't seem empty in the house.

@45 it could be that... but who knows my parents can't wait til I'm 18 but they don't want to let me go i don't know why lol

If she loved the dolls more than her child the room would already be a place for the dolls... Just saying.

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fyl for still livig with someone so rude and careless

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how is this an fml? ok she wants your room to be a display. notice how I didn't say first

YDI for getting in the way of her antique glass dolls.