By jaimie - United States
Today, we were going to Disney World all the way from North Carolina. After 12 hours of driving, my kids started fighting and complaining. My husband finally said, "If I hear you guys one more time we're turning around and going back home." They annoyed him once again, and we actually went home. FML
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  hehe_oops  |  2

Am I the only only one that thinks the dad was kinda harsh?
the kids had been sat in the car do 12 hours, they're gonna act up!
Wouldn't it of made more sense to pull over and let everyone calm down before continuing the drive?
Also OP, you're the parent aswell, didn't you get a say in this?

  Person000  |  0

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  Lythiaren  |  8

Fuck that 158. He told them to stop and told them the consequences. Following through with this punishment quite literally drives the point home. Was it a waste of time? Maybe, but they save the rest of the weekend and the money which would have been otherwise spent on gas and souvenirs and other useless crap.

Don't fuck with Dad, he's a man of his word. Good on him for following through instead of making empty threats.

  ifmlftw  |  0

hollow threats make your kids not afraid of you so they don't listen. good for your husband op. trust me. I used to ignore my parents because they made hollow threats. I'm 23 now so it's not a big deal anymore

  Jammy01jams  |  2

from Toronto it's about 25 hours

  EmoGiana  |  0

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  nature_girl_08  |  14

#318: i wonder if you realize you just posted for all the fml staff to see that you are in fact under the age limit of the ToS, and are admitting that you lied in order to register for this site

also, waste of gas, perhaps. but maybe after missing out on going to disney world, they'll listen next time their parents tell them to do something. if they fight in the car, they're going to most likely be fighting when they get to the hotel and the park. maybe slightly harsh for being stuck in a car for that long, but regardless, listen to your parents.


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  GreatGeak  |  8

@318 ever heard of 4chan? never come off as pathetic or the internet community will eat u alive. it's not because we're bad as a whole, it's because the internet is thought to be harmless. point being, don't take it to heart, and anyway you're to young to be part of internet communities, go hang with IRL friends.

  wellthen7154  |  12

At least they almost went to Disney World/land (whatever it was)... We never went. Although, if they are younger kids, 12 hours is a but long, they're most likely bored and cranky. Driving back to my home state of Michigan takes 12 hours and even now, we get cranky. I would have told your husband to maybe just stop for pop or fries or maybe just a rest to give everyone a break. If you want, you could even try music, but it sucks you didn't get to go either :(

  TayonaC  |  10

not all theme parks are bad
I like 6 flags and universal/island of adventure and some water parks
Disney is just to crowded and the rides aren't for older kids/adults so I don't care for it much... no offense to any Disney lovers :)

  MushyLuvsU  |  0

157: I know.. I'm not a dumbass. I used to live close to Disneyland (California) And It's my favorite place ever. DisneyWorld and DisneyLand are kind of the same thing......

  sourgirl101  |  28

I'm all for the dad keeping his word but he should not have said them in the first place without discussing it over with the wife. He's not the only parent there. That punishment effected her vacation too and she did nothing wrong. Sounds like the husband is just a control freak. FYL

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

I can't help but feel that Mom should have had some say especially given that they had been driving for 12 hours. I would seriously hurt anyone who dragged me on a long car ride to go anywhere, and then turned around and went back before making it to the destination. Unless there was some kind of major problem, I would say find a different way to punish the kids. Heck take them to the park but don't let them ride anything. Mom and dad can ride all the rides. Otherwise, that is twelve hours in a car that the OP can't get back, that has now been completely wasted.

  jellyD  |  1

amen, I did it once but were driving from PA. woke those miserable kids up. did yard work all vacation. Damn, parenting was more fun back then!


If I were OP I wouldn't have overridden his decision. Don't slam me for giving advice on parenting just because I'm 14, by the way--I work at a camp and am an only child, so this situation never would have applied to me anyway.

Young kids walk all over their parents these days. Which then translates to EVERYWHERE ELSE. I have had to threaten to send kids to the camp director (the equivalent of the school principal) because they weren't taking me seriously. And why? Because they don't take their parents seriously either. They think if they fight and scream long enough, they will get their way. I had to ban a kid from the tire because she wouldn't get off when her time was up, and when I told her no, she couldn't swing for another minute because there was a huge line, she started shouting about how she never gets a turn on the swing, and she had to wait for a long time, and she only came to the camp two days a week so the kids who came three or five days got to swing more than she did, and she wasn't even going to be there for the last week so she wouldn't get to swing then, blah blah blah........anyway, it took the backup of three other counselors and recess ending to shut her up. She didn't get to go on the swing for the rest of the week, and fought me when I actually enforced it. And that entire huge paragraph I just wrote could have been easily prevented by her parents following through on punishments.

This was Let me condense that for the TL;DR people: OP wasn't complaining that she didn't get to go to Disney World. She was upset that the 12 hours of driving was a waste because her kids wouldn't listen to their father. But I really don't think she was mad at her husband for being a good parent.

  wisericky  |  12

when i was a wee lad on vacation up in NC. my two brothers were pissing my dad off. so he kicked them out the car and left them there. i loled cuz i got to go mini golfing and they didnt :P

  DjeePee  |  24

Yeah yeah, great lesson and so, but OP's husband could also have given another punishment, one that didn't punish his partner. I mean, how cruel is this? The kids don't behave properly, and everyone is punished? That's not how it should be. OP probably liked going to Disney, and then, after 12 hours driving (how much money will be lost?) they're going back. Cruel cruel.

But, OP, why didn't you do anything? I mean, the ride home was also 12 hours, you had all the time in the world to say 'what the heck, stop the car and calm down'. If you just let this happen, YDI.

  maa_rico  |  4

What i would have done is, make it to disneyland as soon i get there put the kids in a day care center, and then take my wife for a hot ass ride and after that take her to the actual disney rides ;)

  Sammara  |  0

Most Jamies I have known (especially with the OP's spelling--Jaimie) have been girls. You're on a computer. You could have Googled whether or not it's a unisex name before posting this comment.