By CapNCook - 24/07/2013 09:15 - United States - Chicago

Today, a co-worker verbally abused me because I yawned. His excuse was that, "It's contagious". FML
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You should have replied "thank goodness stupidity isn't or we'd all be screwed because of you"

RedPillSucks 31

Use your fist to innoculate him


RedPillSucks 31

Use your fist to innoculate him

then000bster 16

The amount of people going to look up inoculate is too dang high. Also it's spelled with one N, not two.

31, if you hadn't used such a cliche phrase to say that, I actually might have thumbed you up

Cover your mouth when you yawn OP. and sneeze or cough

why would you cover your mouth while inhaling/exhaling? besides, its better to spread the bacteria around, strengthening the immune systems of those around you. he should have thanked you

There was no reason for the coworker to so that. They are contagious but why he watching you instead of working

51 even if op covers their mouth the yawn can still be's called an idiopathic response

You should have replied "thank goodness stupidity isn't or we'd all be screwed because of you"

Some people deserve to hear comebacks like that

I was going to try to give a comment, #2, but your comment is so epic, it wins this FML.

But he's not wrong.. It's probably the most contagious thing in the world. It's just not much of a problem to catch a yawn =p

The stupidity I was referring to was to using yawns being contagious as justification for verbal abuse. Sorry to not be clear enough! Also, 63, thank you for the compliment! I'm quite honored

Yawning is contagious, OP's co-worker is just a dick.

Pwn17 25

I think verbal abuse is also contagious. >:)

Zimmington 21

I yawned just reading the word yawn so contagious *yawns*

Seeing someone yawn does often make you feel tired as well, but that is no reason to verbally a use someone.

Pstraka6 20

I'm pretty sure that wasn't in their job description. Someone just wants to be an a**

shan88 14

It's ass!!! Why not write the word? The site is called "**** my life" so no one cares about the swearing situation.

This site is called "FMyLife". The "F" just stands for ****. Nothing wrong about censoring ones self. We're smart enough to figure it out. :P

There are a few things that are contagious: Yawning Laughing Stupidity

Damn you effing bunch of idiotic babboons... It's making me yawn too; btw wtf does contagious mean?

Zimmington 21

35- Please be ******* joking...

I think 35 may have caught what DocBastard referred to as... stupidity o_O

br00kr 22

It is contagious but that's no excuse to verbally abuse someone. If that was the case I could verbally abuse my sister for acting like an idiot.

br00kr 22

She crapped in her hand when she was 11 and smeared it on my bedroom wall and on my carpet. I had to pay for the damage. She said it was my fault her boyfriend dumped her. They have been off and on for months. Says its my fault everyone hates her. She uses her inch long nails as weapons and flirts with every boy in site.

#9 I'm confused as to why you're sharing this story? there's absolutely NO relevance.

Wow. You're an asshole. Everyone knows yawning is a jerk move. How could you be so rude?? Haha, like that??

RadeonDerp 24

Yeah, I don't think people caught the sarcasm here.