By Anonymous - 16/11/2010 12:28 - Australia

Today, I was pulled over by the cops for a random breathalyzer test. They asked to see my license. I always keep my wallet in my car for situations like this. I received a $100 ticket because my mum apparently didn’t think it was a good idea to keep my wallet in the car. FML
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It's actually not a good idea, but in this case it's unfortunate. Ps. They've invented these new things called pockets.

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Ask your mom "So do you want to pay in check or up front?"

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use your good ol back pocket bitch

situations like this?? how often are you pulled over?

nateb1tch 1

here in EMERICA theta against the doth admendment. we could sue re fuzz for that!

omg this has happened to me. only my wallet had been stolen. I still got the fine :-(

YDI for keeping your wallet in the car...your mom was right. It should only be in there if you're driving. Otherwise you should keep it with you.

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#68 They're both the same thing, so let's not start the feud that always happens whenever this topic comes up...

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How about we all speak Korean and move on with our lives? Pretty sure Korean doesn't have like 3 different dialects of it.

Korean has two main dialects and about a half-dozen regional ones. ...besides, the only reason I came on the comments for this FML was to see how many people said '*Mom'.

schwancy 2

It's actually not a good idea, but in this case it's unfortunate. Ps. They've invented these new things called pockets.

If it was a new invention she'd have an excuse for not knowing how to use them, but they invented them CENTURIES ago! You'd think she'd have figured out how to use them by now.

Maybe 36 is using sarcasm themselves. If so, they suck at it so it's a sarcasm fail rather than a sarcasm detector fail.

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I'm wondering how no one in this thread realized that most girls' wallets (because OP is a girl) are really big, and won't fit in her pocket. O.o

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Because girl's fashion is stupid, companies often make fake/sowed up pockets in girl's jeans, assuming girls have purses probably. But perhaps OP doesn't have a purse, and without pockets she can't put her wallet anywhere else but in her car. Granted, leaving her wallet in the car was stupid but still.

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Hahaha. FYL, next time check to see if you have it before you drive.

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well don't look drunk next time

Not sure how it is where you live , but here in the States you can have the ticket excused if you go to court with your license to prove that you do, indeed, have one. By the way...although inconvenient to do that to you, your Mum is right that keeping your wallet in the car rather than on your person is not a good idea. Thieves steal stuff out of cars all the time.

You dnt get your hand chopped off in india, if you were caught there you would be taken to a cell until eitha you bribed da police or til dey need space…

What has two thumbs, keeps her wallet in her car, and is a moron? You are.