By Anonymous - 11/08/2016 12:40 - Canada - Toronto

Today, two customers complained about the shitty service they received from my coworkers. I apologized and asked about the complaint. Their issues were legitimate and I promised to pass them on. They demanded to speak to my manager and my coworkers got in trouble. Now they think I'm a snitch. FML
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Then they shouldn't have been shitty workers

You did your job OP. Don't worry about what they say or think :)


You did your job OP. Don't worry about what they say or think :)

Then they shouldn't have been shitty workers

Sorry to hear that OP. Unfortunately, people will believe what they want. Just keep doing what's right.

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You did your job they didn't. They obviously need more training

If OP's tone is any indicator, I think OP's co-workers simply need to avoid being tools and expecting people to back them up when they do tool shit.

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If the co workers were doing what they were suppose to then off corse the op should back up. But they weren't op has his own bills that he has to pay and the 2 shitty co workers aren't going to pay his bill if the restaurant shuts down

Ignore them. You're there to work, not make friends. Sounds like they need to grow up and develop a stronger work ethic.

I hate the term "snitch," it's so stupid. I get not telling on people for petty things, but if you're doing something wrong, or giving bad service, expect that there's a possibility that you're going to get in shit for it. That is completely on you because you're the one doing the inappropriate action, it is not on the person that notifies an authority of your shitty behavior. Your coworkers are childish OP, this isn't your fault, it's theirs, maybe if they were better employees and actually did their job with courtesy, they wouldn't have gotten in trouble.

They must be a bunch of Muggles if they don't even know what a snitch is. Lol

Sink or swim, if your coworkers aren't performing they shouldn't be there..

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They spoke to the manger ? Your coworkers ought to have a beef with him.

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A beef with the manager, 8? Why? He did his job, too. They obviously didn't do theirs, the coworkers deserve it.

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I think they're saying that if the coworkers were going to be irrationally angry at someone, they should be irrationally angry at the boss for actually getting them in trouble.

If they're going to be irrationally angry at anybody, it should be the customers. After all, they wouldn't have gotten in trouble if the customers hadn't complained.

No one caught the "manger" joke...

27: Not everyone knows what manger means in French, so they wouldn't make the correlation.

You're paid to do your job there, not make friends

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They probably arent paid that much