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Today, after working 12 hours, my scooter broke down 2 miles from home. I had to walk myself and my scooter home all uphill. My boyfriend and his friends drove by, honked and kept going. FML
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For those of you who said ydi, shit I guess I did! I do have a car but I prefer to spend 3 dollars in gas a month rather that 150!! I work at a restaurant on the waterfront bartending all day so I was tired after a brutal day. When I said it was uphill, I meant uphill, not a gradual incline. It was steep! and very late at night when my EXboyfriend drove by. I certainly didnt look like I chose to walk a moped up a mountain! Thanks guys!

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So I guess he doesn't feel that phenomenal post-poop feeling when he's around you


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I think OP she talk with him about not acting like an ass in front of his friends!! Sorry OP! But if it continues dump the bastard

OP is probably a **** and her BF just hates her.

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#23 stfu ain't nobody got time for that kinda negative bullshit and besides if op were a **** i dought she'd be on her after dealing with that dont ya think?

Well it depends on the type of scooter she had. If it was like a push scooter like Razor or something then there is no excuse. If it was a motor scooter then there might nit have been enough room for it plus her. And he had friends in the car.

Why so much hate; I'm just proposing anew theory.

Pretty sure it was a motor scooter..

He drove by. Do you really think he was fully assessing the situation while screwing around with his friends? I'll bet my worth that he thought she was pushing her scooter intentionally.

I agree with 42. It's likely he believed she decided to push the scooter instead. Sure, he could've asked her, but I strongly believe that most of you out there would just think it and continue. Now if he knew, and intentionally continued in despite her pain, then that is unacceptable.

Also, considering it was nice enough outside to take her scooter to work, it was probably just fine to walk. Twelve hour shifts can be exhausting but two miles is a fairly short walk.

#53 it might be her only form of transport. The village I grew up in was out the way enough to not have a reliable bus route, my mum can't drive... I walked to work. Whatever the weather.

it was a motor scooter she said it broke down, I'm pretty sure a razor can't break down

53, It was up a hill. Pushing a heavy motor scooter up a hill is hard work in any weather.

@72 - Razor makes motorized scooters. :)

I agree with 42 and 47. Besides, some scooters drive really slowly and undeniably uphill.

Maybe OPs boyfriend didn't realise it was her? Especially if he was a driver he wouldn't have that much time to take a very good look at her since he had to keep his eyes on the road . I don't know , it's a possibility . But if he knew it was her and he did that just to act "cool" in front of his friends then they need to talk and sort that out . Common sense dictates that partners should be loyal to one another . I always get deep about that shit . Just saying .

At least he didn't just pretend tø not see you...

I think what happened was worse, since he knew her predicament and left her stranded

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Wait... what the hell did you do to that poor "O?"

It's the Norwegian letter 'ø'. It's a vowel and sounds like the sound after the 'h' and before the 'r' in the word "hurdle" :).

#69 it's an alphabetical letter Ø. I forgot for which language though. Russian? norwegian? I think..i cant remember.

That "O" is often seen in Danish but I think they might appear in a couple more languages too . Definitely Danish though (:

So I guess he doesn't feel that phenomenal post-poop feeling when he's around you

You can walk uphill and you had a scooter?!?!

I don't think it was THAT kind of scooter.

Big hint: push scooters can't really "break down"...

That's what i thought.. Either it wasn't a push scooter and i was right, Or it was and OP's an idiot, making me right.

go to the house. smile at him, kick his ass out of the place, close the door and keep going

Dude , no need for that language . There are way worst things out there than OPs situation , not that I don't think the boyfriend is a douche and yeah , walking up the hill would have been uber exhausting , but still , the c* word is unnecessary . In England that is very offensive . You'd think that there are UK people on FML .

He probably wasn't really thinking about it while screwing around with friends, and thought she was pushing the scooter intentionally.

Not boyfriend anymore. Or at least I hope so.

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Edit - Posted to wrong comment. Derp.