By xacked - 02/06/2009 06:39 - United States

Today, I was designing a newspaper page with a story about an aggressive female bird that was defending its nest and attacking students near some stairs. In the article were photos of victims who were attacked. We had a good laugh over it. Later, I was walking there and the bird attacked me. FML
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randomdude1234 0

karma's a bitch

this quite possibly could be the dumbest FML i've read in a while.


mochiko 0

irony sucks first

woo. 2 year old FML

irishfever 0

i hate birds...

lol... bird attack

mangoboy1 19

So does Sheldon cooper.

xinfin1a 0

kill that [email protected]!

sukhdeep 4


randomdude1234 0

karma's a bitch

ZeldasSage 0

I'd be laughing too at the photos. XP FYL

Karma's a bitch. :D

birds are so creepy... witht their buggy eyes, and their weird claws or feet watever they have... and when they talk its even WORSE ahhhhhhhh so.. FYL for being attacked by those creepy things

greenltrn2003 0

yeah id be laughing too but that sucks LMAO!!

to add to my first comment above : Birds will be the ones to take over the world.. this FML just proves it!

CryingHowls 0

KARMA! haahha