By ceciliebossow - Denmark - Copenhagen
Today, I felt confident after a maths exam and thought I did rather well. When discussing the exam with my class mates afterwards, they kept talking about how difficult question 10 was. I only did 9 questions. Apparently the exam paper had a backside. FML
ceciliebossow tells us more :
OP here! Wow! I didn't really expect this to be posted, but cool that it did! I thought I might explain myself a little (although it does not make this less stupid). This actually occurred a few months ago on a final exam that was marked by an outside examiner. Thankfully the final grade also took another exam and an assignment into account, so I still got the final grade that I had expected (and actually completing the question is unlikely to have improved the grade). Before the exam started, we had five minutes to read through the questions, and I only got to read until question 9, so when completing the questions afterwards, I completely forgot to check the backside of the examination booklet (where question 10 was located). I know it was my own fault, but I am always really nervous - almost panick-y - when it comes to exams. I felt absolutely terrible afterwards, when I realised my mistake, but there was not much to do, as the exam was over by then. Thankfully it all turned out alright anyway. Thank you for all your feedback! I have been reading through all the comments and I appreciate what you have to say - even when you say "YDI", because I know I do. It was not very clever of me ;-)
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Yeah, this is something we all learn at some point during our academic careers- some learn this the hard way. OP, I'm sorry if you do poorly as a result of the missed questions but keep this in your mind next time so you'll be safe!

  brezzyanna  |  17

I think it depends on how many questions there are. If there were 9 on the first page, there could be at least 9 on the back too. If there's only 10 questions, then it would be fine. But it doesn't say there were only 10. Just at least 10

  nicole1765  |  14

maybe she can redo it but i doubt she will get extra credit. after all, op didnt think to check both sides and while it wasnt intentional, teachers dont care. She didnt answer all the questions so she gets then wrong. I hope op can redo it though.

  Redgy22  |  26

I once drew a cute puppy dog on my test saying I hoped it at least got my professor to smile since I had no idea what the answer a few bonus points out of it.

  Emirac  |  10

Some teachers do care. I did that my senior year with my French final because I was horribly sick and not paying close enough attention. My teacher called me at home that night to tell me I could come back to school and finish it.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Especially if there was an odd number of questions... People generally prefer having things in even sets of numbers, and most tests would have 10 rather than 9 questions. That also makes grading easier on the teacher. I've only ever had one exam that didn't have a round number of questions- it had 43- and the first thing I did was ask the prof to confirm that I wasn't missing anything because it was such an odd number.