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  fkingstooge  |  0

Dude... Grow a pair of fucking balls. Secretly in love with my ass. She's just using you and you're too stupid to get over her? Man. You call yourself a guy?

  quarty165  |  0

i realize you're all joking, but as a victim of abuse, it really isn't funny.

op, it really depends on the situation. she may have been a psycho who used you and led you on, but considering she's telling you this, that's probably not the case. when girls politely decline, pay attention. it'll save you this heartbreak.


47- I'm not sure you're understanding the term "friend-zoned". it's this magical place where you won't get asked to bed you'll get asked to go shopping. Oh, and the most you'll get sexually is blue balls.

By  Castlehard  |  2

You shouldn't wait that long man... But besides: Girls don't like to be treated nice, not in the first sight... I haven't really been successful bein nice to women, when the goal was to get a girlfriend or an ONS. Just works for gettin female friends...

  judemeister  |  0

If you mean that guys should be the opposite of nice, then no, I disagree. I would however say that guys shouldn't be TOO nice. If a guy teases a girl, it's usually a sign - to her, especially - that he likes her. However, if a guy is JUST nice then she's never going to fancy him. It's too boring. He needs something else, like being funny, witty, charming...

The thing is, he does say "secretly". So either she really didn't know, and thought it was weird that he was doing nice things for her... (I wonder what these things were) or she did know and was fed up of him just being nice to her and not actually making a move. A few years back, I knew that a guy liked me. He was nice to me, and that was it. Except I didn't tell him to fuck off... I just started going out with my now boyfriend.

  Castlehard  |  2

Of course I don't really mean that we guys should only be the opposite of nice. It might be as you say: Tease her and your chances probably raise... And I agree if one says, that you appear only as "a good friend" if you only act like that for years, or only months.
BUT, I've been dating a lot of girls, and invited them to cinema and stuff. I also tried to speak my mind sometimes, but sometimes our minds fit together so good, that I mostly couldn't disagree my opponent...
So what? I treat the girl just nicely. What do I get? I got rebuffed two weeks after I showed her my feelings by kissing her - I got rebuffed, even if she said right after the kiss, that she had been waiting for that kiss the whole time I was with her! And why? She still had feelings for her dumb ex-boyfriend, even though that guy, as she told me about him, didn't ever really talk and listen to her, just cared for hisself and didn't go out with her that much and stuff! But those guys, bein' a-holes get the chicks.

The FML above says it all...