By Casden - 13/09/2009 15:57 - United States

Today, I was hanging out with my best friend. I have been getting explicit texts and phone calls so I just joking said to my friend, "I think someone wrote my number on a bathroom stall." At which point he said, "Sorry, I didn't think people really called those numbers." FML
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lmao thats madd funny!! i had that with a craigslist posting.... :/ oh well, at least you have a chance to make new friends (:

geesquared 0

put HIS number all over popular youtube videos... ouch


lmao thats madd funny!! i had that with a craigslist posting.... :/ oh well, at least you have a chance to make new friends (:

Gia0896 0

DAmn, then you might wanna get a girl best friend. .

nahh i don't use it. my friend put my pic and number on and i got tonz of txts from random horny old guys

lmao that's not troll-like... ahh well, tsall good (: how's the weather?

I agree with Dame. Get him back. If he's straight, put his number in a gay bar. Or vice versa. Revengeeeee.

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Hey to all stoners out there. I just smoked catnip. Wow, now THAT stuff gives a major KICK.

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any guys (or girls too i guess) looking for sexy fun time, call me at 410-487-3362!

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how would you not notice, though? because they're both wouldn't YOU notice your number on teh bathroom wall?

Unlikely. The friend probably wrote it in a stall, and the dude probably just uses the urinals.

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I think he probably wrote it a while ago and not necessarily when he was hanging out with the friend.

xBrightKnee 4

ewh broeeee. horny old guys on craigslist. I am SO glad nobody did that to me :/

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dude op that's what guys do, we piss eachother off on purpose, just get revenge

bizarre_ftw 21

36 - or on a huge billboard somewhere, it might cost some money but you'll be a revenge legend

.. Uhm? O_O

I don't get it?

Wow are you fucking serious? You need to go watch Dumb and Dumber :P

his friend wrote his number on the wall

Lol nice try at trying to impersonate DameGrey Talk about retarded

#37, you fail at life. Go die. The REAL DameGreyWulf (with an L) has a sense of humor. If you're going to impersonate someone, it should be someone more on your own level. I would suggest Britney Spears.

Wow, some people really don't have a life. Also, that's creepy that someone would do that.

Of all people to pose as... lol

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Well she confessed.. whats the problem?

They're both male.

He was joking. I would've said the same thing...

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Dude, that suckss :D

lol owned, FYL, your friend must be really annoying

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LMAO! I love this one!

aha, oh man. This was hilarious. FYL, that sucks. The last few FML's have been funny FYL's, contrary to the dumb "YDI's" that seem to populate this site.

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LOL! XD That sucks.