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  sturschaedel  |  27

And still, OP was lucky it was just his leg being hit. Head or torso would have been way worse. Yeah, I, too, hope that they will find a way to make it up for OP, and prevent it from happening again.

  Rkikkas9713  |  25

It's an arrow in* the knee. That's always been a pet peeve of mine.
Either way it's Nordic custom (in real life and skyrim) to say that instead of,"getting married"

  Soninuva  |  41

Unless they were toy arrows (the kind with a suction cup tip), given the force needed to make an arrow travel the distance to most targets at standard ranges, it's a pretty safe bet that it did.


Even if it wasnt an arrow with a crazy killer tip on it...My boyfriend got shot in the leg with a blunt practice arrow. It still went the whole way through and he still has nerve damage from it. Was a pretty serious injury.

  BiGTiMeNeRD  |  29

Since his skin is made of impenetrable adamantium that developed at a young age, he was easily able to deflect the aerodynamically sharpened weapon traveling at 200 mph.

Yup, not even a scratch.

  Nabexis  |  9

It's an injury caused by negligence of the people who are supposed to make sure someone isn't hurt, this is literally the perfect time to sue--if only to cover medical bills. Which they should've doing anyway, since it's THEIR fault OP was injured.