By james88 - United States - Altoona
Today, in an elaborate plan to finally meet my cute neighbor, I convinced my friendly mailman to switch up our mail so I'd have an excuse to meet her. After I delivered her mail, I waited for her to mention that she had my mail, but she never did. I even saw her take it out of her mail box. FML
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  Dory123  |  9

That's what I was thinking. OP could have said that he saw how the mail was hers and then started up a conversation himself. Also maybe she didn't look through her mail yet because she was busy at the time.

  asb818  |  14

When you told her you received her mail by mistake, you should have added that you didn't receive any of your own mail and ask if maybe both of yours were switched and she received yours.

By  SmoothSeth  |  10

I bet she didn't think too much of it, and just assuming it was a simple mistake just switched the mail without thinking to talk to you.
I have to say that was pretty clever though.