By james88 - 07/01/2013 21:39 - United States - Altoona

Today, in an elaborate plan to finally meet my cute neighbor, I convinced my friendly mailman to switch up our mail so I'd have an excuse to meet her. After I delivered her mail, I waited for her to mention that she had my mail, but she never did. I even saw her take it out of her mail box. FML
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She probably just hadn't looked at the mail yet. I really doubt she wants to steal your bills.

OhMinty 5

Lol im surprised the mailman listened to you.


OhMinty 5

Lol im surprised the mailman listened to you.

shawnaishere 14

Of course he didn't want to be a cockblocker

perdix 29

Or rat him out to the Postal Inspector for attempted conspiracy to commit aggravated felonious mail fraud. Not such a cutesy trick now, huh?

Loving your Big Bang picture. :)

As Sheldon said, bro's before hoes, bitches be crazy,,, lol

My mate is a mailman here in Australia, he'd have no problem with this sort of thing, especially if you gave him a pack of smokes..

Aggravated felonious mail thievery is a real thing I swear.

So I guess simply asking if she got your mail in the mix up would be way to easy eh ^_^

Thread jacked.

Well, if the smoke prices in Australia are anything like here in the states, that's a pretty hefty tip

tsent8 15

He's a big supporter of dating for kleptomaniacs.

It's about $20 for a pack of 25's

$20?!? hope there's some quality tobacco in there. I'd probably just buy a nice cigar instead.

$20 is the cheap kind of cigarette lol

peasonearth 8

Obviously not someone you want to get to know

Cause not returning mail is one of the signs of a serial killer, no?

No but a definite sign of a bitch though..

Wahaha idiot. Can't you just go bake chocolate cake and share it with her.

LiterOfCola 16

Build her a cake or someding.

Someding? Sounds like a porno

Building a cake sounds fun. Is that where you bake loads of little cakes and use them like lego? :D

miyaviichan 27

52, that sounds fun too, tbh, but I think it was a Napoleon Dynamite reference.

LiterOfCola 16

53 got it. Hey, that's how Pedro says it in the movie.

Why didn't you just initiate the mail-switching?

That's what I was thinking. OP could have said that he saw how the mail was hers and then started up a conversation himself. Also maybe she didn't look through her mail yet because she was busy at the time.

T9FTW 20

He did. "After I delivered her mail..."

Good luck with the theif

So much wrong with this comment

She stole his mail. Please what's wrong.

She probably just hadn't looked at the mail yet. I really doubt she wants to steal your bills.

laya_fml 26

If he has dollar bills they may be worth stealing.

lmaouloser 5

Right, mail fraud is worth dollar bills! Science!

46- obviously you've never received money by mail before

When you told her you received her mail by mistake, you should have added that you didn't receive any of your own mail and ask if maybe both of yours were switched and she received yours.

intelliDude 7

It'd be funny if she witnessed you convincing the mailman. You never know when a neighbor is looking out their window.

She could never come out again and not answer the door and be the ultimate troll haha

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Especially if your neighbor is Aunt Petunia.

Yes complete self isolation and ruining her own life just be a troll to OP. because I'm sure she cares that much

Next time try using small talk to initiate a conversation.

Small talk? What sorcery is this?

I bet she didn't think too much of it, and just assuming it was a simple mistake just switched the mail without thinking to talk to you. I have to say that was pretty clever though.

Nice try, but I think she might not be that into you.... Or she hasn't read her mail yet!