Late night customers are the worst

By viviham - 04/05/2012 12:08 - United States - Spring Branch

Today, I was working at the local liquor store. An obviously drunk girl stumbles in, grabs two cases of beer and puts them on the counter. Then she grabs a pregnancy test, pees on it right there, shows me, and says, "I'm not pregnant, I want beer." FML
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Good, people like her shouldn't be reproducing.

Maybe she was drowsing her sorrows because the school nurse thinks she is fat and stupid.


Good, people like her shouldn't be reproducing.

Mods! MODS! we have a spelling error! Obivious? I think we mean 'obvious'

Sadly, it seems that people like her tend to reproduce the most.

Maybe she was drowsing her sorrows because the school nurse thinks she is fat and stupid.

And that is how you buy beer under-aged. I'm actually curious if OP checked ID after how odd that must have been. Total blind-side/destraction

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@ 34: It's actually illegal to sell alcohol to someone who's obviously drunk. At least, I think that applies to stores as well as bars. Dang, I should probably retake that seller's certification class...

I'm under 21 so I wouldn't know anyways, nor does it apply to me, but does "drunk" mean the person FEELS drunk? Or is it based on whether or not they would be over the legal limit?

79: Drunk means "feeling any effects of alcohol". Of course, you can be a little drunk or a lot drunk. Stores and bars usually have the right to refuse service, and if the seller THINKS that the customer is drunk, they're usually obligated to refuse to sell that customer any more alcohol.

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Um... Both I guess if you want to look at it that way. Drunk mean impaired by alcohol. Whether you feel it or the person next to you sees it. Drunk is drunk.

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64- How the hell would it be ILLEGAL to sell ALCOHOL to someone at a BAR?

Well it's a good thing she isn't pregnant then.

99 - Here's how: The adults in your jurisdiction elected the government, and the government made a law saying that no one should sell alcohol to somebody who's already had too much. That's the whole story. Don't laugh; if you ever work in a restaurant or bar, you'll learn that there can be some seriously heavy fines on YOU (not just the bar) if you get caught breaking this law. It's $2500 where I live, for example.

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Dafuq are pregnancy test doing in a liquor store??...............

Didi, why do you have 5 fmls but none published even though you helped create fml?

145 did you know there is an apostrophe in can't?

Wow, you're rude! She was noted as obviously drunk!!!! People do stupid things when intoxicated dumbass.

Pretty sure it would be completely ****** to sell her more after that , you deserve to be fired sick ***** these days

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At least you had an interesting day.

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Sounds like a missing scene from one of the "the hangover" movies... Lol...

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Oh yeah, there's always that. Retard.

Okay was anyone else wondering why they sell pregnancy tests at a liquor store?

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I love how girls over do their drunk stage

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She must have been celebrating! Maybe she had thought she had been.

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Well the beer won't help that

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No, class would be going in there whilst sipping Earl Grey tea.

Class is having your valet buy your Dom Pérignon. Ryan is, I am prepared to bet, not being entirely serious.

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What's the word I'm looking for ... Oh, found it: GROSS! :S

Call the cops, she just pissed on the floor and you'll probably have to be the one to clean it up

You should call the police, or an ambulance if she can not take care of her self alone while drunk, and don't you guys have a policy of not selling booze to obviously over drunk people? FYL indeed

If a person is obviously intoxicated a store/restaurant is allowed to decline the person further service for disrupting their shop.

You should've said "But you're wasted, and I want you to get the **** out."

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Cool story, noor :D I love this new profile pic, that last one scared the crap out of me, lol

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Good for you noor :) I agree with that too! Lol

Noor, you should do a panda, you could have bamboo and everything!

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That's funny! I probably would have looked at her in confusion, then burst out laughing. Was she underage, or was she older?

Baustigt mad! Baustigt throw! Baustigt SMASH!

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Baustigt could throw the filing cabinet and be like "Eat THIS!" And she could be like "NEVERRR!" That's for you, 31.

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I'd laugh from disbelieve.