Today, I discovered that my best friend has been telling everyone at our workplace that I'm faking my pregnancy for attention. She was at every single one of my ultrasounds. FML

By Anonymous - / Wednesday 9 July 2014 01:20 / United States - Charlotte
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  Vedarshi  |  11

Apparently, her best friend is one too.

  Godsofdracos  |  15

It's the same here 68; if there has been multiple ultrasounds, then she's already showing. People either are just too stupid to realize it and believe her friend, or they think her friend is a liar. Let's hope for the second.

  nix1993  |  37

Not necessarily, my mum had already and 3 ultrasounds by the time she was 6 months pregnant with my sister but was still wearing her normal jeans. She didn't start noticeably showing until almost 8 months.

By  MandyMeow_fml  |  18

Well at least now you know your best friend is a rude twat. I'm sure no one thinks that and she just looks like a dumb ass saying it. Good luck with the little one.. And your friend.

By  askullnamedbilly  |  33

What the hell is wrong with her? I may understand feeling a twinge of jealousy when someone else is being showered in attention and you aren't, but to go as far as accusing your BEST FRIEND of lying about a pregnancy? That woman has serious psychological problems.

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