By cyb3rbyte
Today, some idiot did burnouts in the school parking lot. I got blamed because my car looks the same. I didn't even get a chance to defend myself, and now I have 8 weeks of detention. FML
cyb3rbyte tells us more :
I did get it resolved as we have a police officer in the parking lot before and after school. He vouched for me as he saw the guy doing the burnouts through his windshield. Thanks for the comments!
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By  MdMan2  |  23

Security cameras in the parking lot? License plates? Are your cars the exact same models? I don't see why your school would straight up give you detention.

  ThatHorse  |  15

Schools don't care to devote the time or resources to a proper investigation for anything this simple. They just blame the first person they find and call it a day.

By  kmw003  |  17

fight it. especially if you get your parents in on it, schools usually hate having to deal with angry parents. that's very unfair and super extreme to not even hear you out.

  MonstreBelle  |  28

It's not like OP is being arrested and charged for it. Unfortunately, schools don't need proof in order to give students detention, which is fucked up. OP's lucky s/he wasn't suspended; unlike detention, suspensions stay on your record. The school district may not have the resources for security cameras in the parking lot, or even at all. My high school only had separate security cameras in the teacher parking lot and none of the cameras outside covered the student parking lot. Students breaking into cars was fairly common, but the school couldn't really do anything about it unless there was a witness. They usually didn't even know enough to suspend or expel kids.

By  OptimusSlime  |  23

Have your parents call the school, don't just take the detentions because that's unjust and isn't fair to you. Ask them to see the security cameras and compare license plates if you can. If not look for any kind of difference on the car and if their face is shown.

By  heftysmash253  |  6

Your school should have cameras in their parking lots. My high school did anyway, so you should go to the main office and have them look at the footage. That is, if they even care to listen.