Timmeeh tells us more.

OP here. She is (was?) cute. Suddenly got a whole lot less so when I realised there was naught but cotton wool where her brainmeat should be.

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I'm pretty sure there's a wisdom joke somewhere in there...

That's nothing to joke about. I've had my canines removed so I don't have any vampire kids


Let's just hope she never has kids, we don't want the world's average IQ to get even lower.

Seems like natural selection has taken a bit of a vacation from the lack of intelligent people :/

I predict a large number of comments containing the phrase "dump her"

No, eat her soul. Then she can't reincarnate.

Hopefully her looks made up for the lack of intelligence.

She doesn't sound real wise, not a whole lot of wisdom.

Maybe she likes to swallow. Lol

I agree... Marry her! Someone has to jump on the Grenade.

Nobody, especially Noor, noticed 1's picture?

Ignore my comment. I'm on my phone and sometimes pictures go to the wrong profile. Facepalm.

What has this world come too..?

isn't it ironic how your icon matches your comment so well...(:

I very much agree.

I know, right... People don't even know the difference between "too" and "to".

30 - well aren't you a clever clogs. You must feel so smart being a dick nitpicking others' mistakes.

33- It was just a joke.. Chill.

Ig I've used the wrong use of 'to(o)' I apologize. I've been told to you use this version, so idk.

33 - One of the only situations that doesn't make you a "dick" for being a grammar nazi is correcting a person who was making fun of someone's intelligence but obviously failed at it.

Too many people are still scientifically incompetent. It's not exactly the best position to be in today and it handicaps humanity's progress.

TorturedXeno 27

Inheritance, nice that you should post here. OP's girlfriend seems to believe in the inheritance of acquired characteristics. (gotta love 7th grade science)

2 - People who don't know how genetics work, apparently.

38- It's not "I've been told to use this version, so idk" maybe just try to learn your homophones that most people know by grade 3?

69 - LaMarck FTW :P

Jesus, I'm using so much incorrect grammar. I apologize yet again..

I'm pretty sure there's a wisdom joke somewhere in there...

mmmh clever :)

There is, but I canine seem to find it.

That's nothing to joke about. I've had my canines removed so I don't have any vampire kids

Was that the first bit of wisdom that ever came out of her mouth? Edit: This was supposed to be its own reply not sure why it ended up here

Smart thinking. I wear colored contacts now because I want my kids to have blue eyes.

Good idea, 22. I just got my hair dyed so that my kids wont have to struggle with my bland, mousy brown hair.

Great foresight. I had a vasectomy, to prevent my future children

47 - And gingers dye their hair so they can get souls!

Lets just hope the kids don't have the same brain as her.

What brain? She doesn't have one. LoL

Yeah, she has nothing to pass on. What's to worry about?

Common sense isn't so common anymore... good lord... Lmao...

Tell her to continue her good deeds. She still has her apendix and tonsils that need removing for the sake of her kids! I will be happy to give her a Darwin Award for her contributions!

Might as well get her tubes tied now so her kids don't come out pregnant, I'd say it's a win-win..

25- The win... It is strong in this one.

It's ok to get a baby pregnant, but one must be careful not to get the baby's baby pregnant, as this can lead to complications like infinite loop.

Darwin Award? More like Lamarck Award.

98- as a bio nerd, I appreciated your comment very much.

I am pretty sure it doesn't work that way. But I have only one wisdom tooth so far, so who am I to judge? *shrug*

I had 7. Beatcha. XD

7?? Jeez, I didn't even know that was possible! Probably because my wisdom teeth haven't come in at all.. I guess I'm not too bright

Yeah, it's definitely possible. I guess any more than the 4 normal wisdom teeth are called something different, but they're essentially just extra wisdom teeth. Before I went into the surgery, my X-rays showed 6, but the X-rays had been taken 2 years before that and after the surgery (which was this past June), my mom was informed that they had to remove 7 instead of 6! :O The surgeon also said that 7 is uncommon but not unheard of, and he's had to remove as many as 16 from one person before! 0.0

Does she also think if she dyes her hair blue, her children will come out with blue hair? I'm curious as to how far her stupidity goes.

Einstein was wrong about the universe. I guess he was too stupid to look up the size of the universe in Wikipedia.

Well, stick around for more FMLs from op.

Damn 86, I really hope you're fucking joking.

Are you a nun?