By Anonymous - / Tuesday 28 July 2009 18:59 / Norway
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  jaybrown  |  0

#10, She could have stepped on the shoelace and tripped, or gotten it caught somewhere making her fall and hurt herself. I'm having a feeling YOU'RE the handicapped one...


no seriously the worst she could do is like scrape her knee unless she was going really fast and broke/ sprained her ankle cause she fell on it weird well in that case sux for u


Well, if you crack your head on something when you trip and fall, it can be serious. It does like something really stupid to go to hospital for, but OP could have gotten a concussion or something like that.

By  zeal  |  0

Haha, I love the wording in this one! But YDI sorta for being late in the first place. And it only takes a couple of seconds to tie your shoelaces...