By Anonymous - 28/07/2009 18:59 - Norway

Today, I had two minutes to get to the bus stop which usually takes me eight minutes. I had to catch that bus to be at work at the hospital in time. I was in such a hurry, I didn't have the time to tie my shoe laces. I ran with untied shoe laces. I did end up in the hospital. FML
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Looks like your schedule is a little tied up.

Someone_somewere 7

I never even untie my shoes


Looks like your schedule is a little tied up.

how the hell did you end up in the hospital from running with untied shoelaces? are you handicapped?(mentally or physically)

#10, She could have stepped on the shoelace and tripped, or gotten it caught somewhere making her fall and hurt herself. I'm having a feeling YOU'RE the handicapped one...

Dabookofnothing 0

no seriously the worst she could do is like scrape her knee unless she was going really fast and broke/ sprained her ankle cause she fell on it weird well in that case sux for u

There's a bus coming and you trip over on your shoe laces, and the bus is still coming and...WHAM

Well, if you crack your head on something when you trip and fall, it can be serious. It does like something really stupid to go to hospital for, but OP could have gotten a concussion or something like that.

Well on the bright side, at least your hospital stay is paid.

I'm thinking faceplant.

azhein 0

scraping your knee is not the worst thing that could like 37 said pretty much anything could happen

Honestly, you should've just tied them. It doesn't take more then ten seconds.

hundremeterhekk 0

det er fordi du er fra finmark ;)

takes me about 2 minutes to tie mine

FYL Damn shame. That's one thing you won't likely let slide again.

brink0war 3

You should have at least tucked your shoelaces inside your shoe. YDI for not doing that

Haha, I love the wording in this one! But YDI sorta for being late in the first place. And it only takes a couple of seconds to tie your shoelaces...

Someone_somewere 7

I never even untie my shoes

Did you trip and die?

YDI for wearing shoes

NinjaSpirit2012 0

Well you got a free ride to work!

Haha Yaa at least he probably made it on time :)