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By  stupidpplsuck  |  33

While this isn't exactly harmful, I would definitely talk to them about why they shouldn't do that and how it's a rude thing to do. Depending on their ages they may not really know it's unacceptable behavior. If they are old enough to know better or just continue to do it regardless, then I'd talk to their parents about whats happening and a possible solution and if necessary a punishment.

  stupidpplsuck  |  33

21 I agree that it does depend on the family, but from how the post was worded I figured that they were not from the same family. It's one thing to do this to your family or even friends, however when it's someone else like a babysitter or something or the person says to stop they need to know that farting ON the person is not acceptable. If they were in school they would get in trouble for this even though farting is a natural thing and people can't choose to stop it; they can choose if they are going to encroach on someones personal space and fart on them purposely.

  katachristic  |  19

There's a huge difference between laughing at a fart and four people repeatedly trying to fart ON you. That's rude no matter how you look at it, especially if the person you're doing it to is clearly unamused.