By Anonymous - 16/04/2011 23:42 - United States

Today, I was pretending to be an angry bear while babysitting a 3 year old boy, and an 19 month old girl. I was chasing them around the house having a great time. Just when I bent over to pick up his sister for a diaper change the 3 year old decided it was his turn. He bit me square on the ass. FML
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enonymous 8

Now that he has the taste for flesh. He will come back and finish you off this time with some A1 sauce and some Jamaican jerk sauce for variety

LOL I didn't know angry bears bit asses :P


LOL I didn't know angry bears bit asses :P

Daerauko 0

yes bare asses lol

andres19 0

angry bears tend to bite and maul everything in sight

DaveOnDope 4

You'd be surprised what an angry bear will do to you when you're bent over!

gutzz 0

It was his turn huh? May I ask why you were biting little kids in the ass first? YDI, you creep.

Can't blame the kid for being an ass man, better than being a boobs man, a bite in your tits that shit really gotta hurt.

MrGold 0

your pic fails. that will only occur in some weird universe.

prince122 0

so will urs gold....

4XxXo_OxXx4 0

gold its a picture of a solar eclipse but it shows the sun's invisible magnetic field.

I thought 34 was talking about 32??

at least he did not bit you triangularly or circular. that hurts even more

That's exactly what I was thinking.

gutzz, baby, you've got it ALL WRONG. Just because the kiddie bit her on her on the ass, doesn't mean she bit them! Bears bite stuff, like they see on they're Cartoon Network, The Hub and all that crap. Or the movie.

Kids usually imitate what they see... what exactly did you do as the bear? lol.

SkateboardGirl88 11

Suprise buttsecks!! lol

stonercircle 0

well... did he say u taste good??? lol

Kefka91 15

well that bites. fyl

didijustdie 0

I see what you did tharr.

Igor_g5 0

Did you enjoy it? My GF loves when I bite her ass.

briidontgive_ 0

Uhh, ew. T M I

or not enough TMI

gutzz 0

22- you are right, it's is just information. Cancellations are a bitch.

5- u should try sucking the a hole. girls love that too.

love bites

kingtz 6

I love biting my girls' asses, too!

MandaMazing 0

it hurts like hell when myy boyfriend bites mine.D:

aww. my bfs never bit my ass. :(. I feel so left out.

danceforever51 4


staceysgenesis16 0

haha !! thats kinky !! well it would have been if the boy wouldnt have been under the age of 15 .. but hes 3 soooo .. bleh

enonymous 8

Now that he has the taste for flesh. He will come back and finish you off this time with some A1 sauce and some Jamaican jerk sauce for variety

You mean Jamaican jerk rub? Jerk chicken tends to be made with a dry rub and not a sauce.

enonymous 8

they also have a lot of sauces made not just for chicken but pork and beef

gutzz 0

Ya, it's that important.

Man, shove your dildo up their ass infront of their parents then...

MrGold 0

You have a disturbed mind. More fucked up than inception.

ImaWiseGuy 5

8, save your childhood memories for your shrink.......

KingDingALing 9

"Bitch better have my honey!"

Who gives a shit?

You, seeing as how you read the FML and then proceeded to post a comment.

And the 19 month old girl, seeing as how she needed a changed diaper.

KristinaKreme 0

Future legend.

haha that's kinda cute in a strange sorta way! I like that child he is evil in the making!