By luckygirl - 14/12/2009 09:05 - United States

Today, I was hit on by a guy who decided to use the line, "My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in." FML
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At least that's a line which will never be overused.

Hey, it's original, props to the person who said it :)


YDI for being smelly

I lol'd cause I know you're a troll. @OP, FYL, but that is pretty funny.

That doesn't make sense. I'm clearly not a troll- or else I'd be saying stupid stuff like "YDI for being a female, etc..."

wtf? #1 a little while ago was just_me_tmp, but now it's YDI_King.

omg thats a good 1, i bet this was my friend kuz he always says this line to me kuz hes random, hes not gay he just tries to be funny and succeds lol

I agree with number 31. Just tell him "it aint gonna happen" in his terms. That either leaves us guys confused or in awe.

So if she wanted to reject him... "My love for you is like constipation, it ain't going to happen"? (I didn't read all the comments... probably already been said =] )

lol best pick up line ever!!! xD

At least that's a line which will never be overused.

whatever i am using it on every woman and patient i have!!! bwah hah ha

Did u just fart cuz u blew me away!

I love that line:) lol

Hey, it's original, props to the person who said it :)

I love that song so much! Because of this FML, it's stuck in my head. Thank you, OP.

Yep, I've heard, thought of and tried more original and funny pickup lines. @ OP That is pretty funny.

You must have fallen from heaven that would explain how you messed up your face

smooooooth. I hope you turned him down.

he needs some pepto. ewwwwww :<

Shittiest pickup line ever! But still funny.

Was this a "no pun intended" comment?

*Ba dum tssss*

is that it? no "its the only time a guy has approached me" or anything like that? WHO THE HELL IS APPROVING THESE FMLs?

You should have said this to him after he said that. "Your love for me is like AIDS, I dont want it."

don't judge people so fast... maybe she wants AIDS!

your appearance must inspire the thought of shitting violently and without control :)